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Geographical distribution of fertility rates in 70 low-income, lower-middle-income, and upper-middle-income countries, 2010-16: a subnational analysis of cross-sectional surveys.Pezzulo C, Nilsen K, Carioli A, Tejedor-Garavito N, Hanspal SE, Hilber T, James WHM, Ruktanonchai CW, Alegana V, Sorichetta A, Wigley AS, Hornby GM, Matthews Z, Tatem AJ
Lancet Glob Health, (2021). 9:e802-e812

Global funding trends for malaria research in sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic analysis.Head MG, Goss S, Gelister Y, Alegana V, Brown RJ, Clarke SC, Fitchett JRA, Atun R, Scott JAG, Newell ML, Padmadas SS, Tatem AJ
Lancet Glob Health, (2017). 5:e772-e781