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Evaluating the role of breastfeeding peer supporters' intervention on the inpatient management of malnourished infants under 6 months in Kenyan public hospitals.Mwangome M, de Colombi NF, Chabeda S, Mumbo E, Jemutai J, Tsofa B, Nzinga J, Jones C
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A scoping review of breastfeeding peer support models applied in hospital settings.Chepkirui D, Nzinga J, Jemutai J, Tsofa B, Jones C, Mwangome M
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Establishing exclusive breastfeeding among in-patient malnourished infants in a rural Kenyan hospital: mothers' experiences of a peer supporter intervention.Kahindi J, Jones C, Berkley JA, Mwangome M
Int Breastfeed J, (2020). 15:40

Exclusive breastfeeding in first-time mothers in rural Kenya: a longitudinal observational study of feeding patterns in the first six months of life.Talbert A, Jones C, Mataza C, Berkley JA, Mwangome M
Int Breastfeed J, (2020). 15:17

Knowledge of, and attitudes to giving expressed breastmilk to infants in rural coastal Kenya; focus group discussions of first time mothers and their advisers.Talbert AW, Tsofa B, Mumbo E, Berkley JA, Mwangome M
Int Breastfeed J, (2018). 13:16

What influences feeding decisions for HIV-exposed infants in rural Kenya?.Nabwera HM, Jepkosgei J, Muraya KW, Hassan AS, Molyneux CS, Ali R, Prentice AM, Berkley JA, Mwangome MK
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"When you give birth you will not be without your mother" A mixed methods study of advice on breastfeeding for first-time mothers in rural coastal Kenya.Talbert AW, Ngari M, Tsofa B, Mramba L, Mumbo E, Berkley JA, Mwangome M
Int Breastfeed J, (2016). 11:10