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The importance of supplementary immunisation activities to prevent measles outbreaks during the COVID-19 pandemic in Kenya.Mburu CN, Ojal J, Chebet R, Akech D, Karia B, Tuju J, Sigilai A, Abbas K, Jit M, Funk S, Smits G, van Gageldonk PGM, van der Klis FRM, Tabu C, Nokes DJ, Lshtm Cmmid Covid- Working Group, Scott J, Flasche S, Adetifa I
BMC Med, (2021). 19:35

Assessing the efficiency of catch-up campaigns for the introduction of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine: a modelling study based on data from PCV10 introduction in Kilifi, Kenya.Flasche S, Ojal J, Le Polain de Waroux O, Otiende M, O'Brien KL, Kiti M, Nokes DJ, Edmunds WJ, Scott JAG
BMC Med, (2017). 15:113

Evaluating vaccination strategies for reducing infant respiratory syncytial virus infection in low-income settings.Poletti P, Merler S, Ajelli M, Manfredi P, Munywoki PK, Nokes D, Melegaro A
BMC Med, (2015). 13:49