Eunice Nduati/Front Immunol

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Assessment of a diverse panel of transmitted/founder HIV-1 infectious molecular clones in a luciferase based CD8 T-cell mediated viral inhibition assay.Fernandez N, Hayes P, Makinde J, Hare J, King D, Xu R, Rehawi O, Mezzell AT, Kato L, Mugaba S, Serwanga J, Chemweno J, Nduati E, Price MA, Osier F, Ochsenbauer C, Yue L, Hunter E, Gilmour J
Front Immunol, (2022). 13:1029029

A Novel Sample Selection Approach to Aid the Identification of Factors That Correlate With the Control of HIV-1 Infection.Makinde J, Nduati EW, Freni-Sterrantino A, Streatfield C, Kibirige C, Dalel J, Black SL, Hayes P, Macharia G, Hare J, McGowan E, Abel B, King D, Joseph S, Iavi Protocol C Investigators, Hunter E, Sanders EJ, Price M, Gilmour J
Front Immunol, (2021). 12:634832