Eunice Nduati/AIDS

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Coordinated Fc-effector and neutralization functions in HIV-infected children define a window of opportunity for HIV vaccination.Nduati EW, Gorman MJ, Sein Y, Hermanus T, Yuan D, Oyaro I, Muema DM, Ndung'u T, Alter G, Moore PL
AIDS, (2021). 35:1895-1905

Cytomegalovirus viraemia is associated with poor growth and T-cell activation with an increased burden in HIV-exposed uninfected infants.Garcia-Knight MA, Nduati E, Hassan AS, Nkumama I, Etyang TJ, Hajj NJ, Gambo F, Odera D, Berkley JA, Rowland-Jones SL, Urban B
AIDS, (2017). 31:1809-1818