Charles Mbogo/Acta Trop

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Growth-disrupting Murraya koenigii leaf extracts on Anopheles gambiae larvae and identification of associated candidate bioactive constituents.Mang'era CM, Hassanali A, Khamis FM, Rono MK, Lwande W, Mbogo C, Mireji PO
Acta Trop, (2019). 190:304-311

Population structure of Anopheles gambiae along the Kenyan coast.Midega JT, Muturi EJ, Baliraine FN, Mbogo CM, Githure J, Beier JC, Yan G
Acta Trop, (2010). 114:103-8

Low recovery rates stabilize malaria endemicity in areas of low transmission in coastal Kenya.Gu W, Mbogo CM, Githure JI, Regens JL, Killeen GF, Swalm CM, Yan G, Beier JC
Acta Trop, (2003). 86:71-81