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Implementing adaptive e-learning for newborn care in Tanzania: an observational study of provider engagement and knowledge gains.Meaney PA, Hokororo A, Ndosi H, Dahlen A, Jacob T, Mwanga JR, Kalabamu FS, Joyce CL, Mediratta R, Rozenfeld B, Berg M, Smith ZH, Chami N, Mkopi N, Mwanga C, Diocles E, Agweyu A
BMJ Open, (2024). 14:e077834

Pulse oximetry adoption and oxygen orders at paediatric admission over 7 years in Kenya: a multihospital retrospective cohort study.Tuti T, Aluvaala J, Akech S, Agweyu A, Irimu G, English M, Clinical Information Network Author Group
BMJ Open, (2021). 11:e050995

Prevalence and fluid management of dehydration in children without diarrhoea admitted to Kenyan hospitals: a multisite observational study.Omoke S, English M, Aluvaala J, Gathara D, Agweyu A, Akech S, Clinical Information Network
BMJ Open, (2021). 11:e042079

Prognostic models for predicting in-hospital paediatric mortality in resource-limited countries: a systematic review.Ogero M, Sarguta RJ, Malla L, Aluvaala J, Agweyu A, English M, Onyango NO, Akech S
BMJ Open, (2020). 10:e035045