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Spatial variation and clustering of anaemia prevalence in school-aged children in Western Kenya.Robert BN, Cherono A, Mumo E, Mwandawiro C, Okoyo C, Gichuki PM, Blanford JL, Snow RW, Okiro EA
PLoS One, (2023). 18:e0282382

Reporting of diagnostic and laboratory tests by general hospitals as an indication of access to diagnostic laboratory services in Kenya.Bahati F, McKnight J, Swaleh F, Malaba R, Karimi L, Ramadhan M, Kiptim PK, Okiro EA, English M
PLoS One, (2022). 17:e0266667

Modelling geographical accessibility to urban centres in Kenya in 2019.Macharia PM, Mumo E, Okiro EA
PLoS One, (2021). 16:e0251624

The winding road to health: A systematic scoping review on the effect of geographical accessibility to health care on infectious diseases in low- and middle-income countries.Hierink F, Okiro EA, Flahault A, Ray N
PLoS One, (2021). 16:e0244921

Assessing the hospital surge capacity of the Kenyan health system in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.Barasa EW, Ouma PO, Okiro EA
PLoS One, (2020). 15:e0236308

The Impact of a Community Awareness Strategy on Caregiver Treatment Seeking Behaviour and Use of Artemether-Lumefantrine for Febrile Children in Rural Kenya.Wasunna B, Okiro EA, Webster J, Todd J, Snow RW, Jones C
PLoS One, (2015). 10:e0130305

Childhood malaria admission rates to four hospitals in Malawi between 2000 and 2010.Okiro EA, Kazembe LN, Kabaria CW, Ligomeka J, Noor AM, Ali D, Snow RW
PLoS One, (2013). 8:e62214

The incidence and clinical burden of respiratory syncytial virus disease identified through hospital outpatient presentations in Kenyan children.Okiro EA, Ngama M, Bett A, Nokes DJ
PLoS One, (2012). 7:e52520

Variations in mortality in children admitted with pneumonia to Kenyan hospitals.Ayieko P, Okiro EA, Edwards T, Nyamai R, English M
PLoS One, (2012). 7:e47622

Temperature and malaria trends in highland East Africa.Stern DI, Gething PW, Kabaria CW, Temperley WH, Noor AM, Okiro EA, Shanks GD, Snow RW, Hay SI
PLoS One, (2011). 6:e24524