Emelda Okiro/Lancet

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The effects of armed conflict on the health of women and children.Bendavid E, Boerma T, Akseer N, Langer A, Malembaka EB, Okiro EA, Wise PH, Heft-Neal S, Black RE, Bhutta ZA, Branch Consortium Steering Committee
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Access to lifesaving medical resources for African countries: COVID-19 testing and response, ethics, and politics.Kavanagh MM, Erondu NA, Tomori O, Dzau VJ, Okiro EA, Maleche A, Aniebo IC, Rugege U, Holmes CB, Gostin LO
Lancet, (2020). 395:1735-1738

Childhood mortality during conflicts in Africa.Okiro EA, Ayieko P
Lancet, (2018). 392:804-805

Equity and adequacy of international donor assistance for global malaria control: an analysis of populations at risk and external funding commitments.Snow RW, Okiro EA, Gething PW, Atun R, Hay SI
Lancet, (2010). 376:1409-16

Effect of a fall in malaria transmission on morbidity and mortality in Kilifi, Kenya.O'Meara WP, Bejon P, Mwangi TW, Okiro EA, Peshu N, Snow RW, Newton CR, Marsh K
Lancet, (2008). 372:1555-62