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How does power shape District Health Management Team responsiveness to public feedback in Low-and-Middle Income Countries? An interpretive synthesis.Kagwanja N, Molyneux S, Whyle E, Tsofa B, Gilson L
Health Policy Plan, (2022). :

An innovative leadership development initiative to support building everyday resilience in health systems.Nzinga J, Boga M, Kagwanja N, Waithaka D, Barasa E, Tsofa B, Gilson L, Molyneux S
Health Policy Plan, (2021). 36:1023-1035

How do healthcare providers respond to multiple funding flows? A conceptual framework and options to align them.Barasa E, Mathauer I, Kabia E, Ezumah N, Mbau R, Honda A, Dkhimi F, Onwujekwe O, Phuong HT, Hanson K
Health Policy Plan, (2021). 36:861-868

Unit costs and other musings: a response.Torres-Rueda S, Ferrari G, Orangi S, Hitimana R, Daviaud E, Tawiah T, Prah RKD, Karmaliani R, Kapapa E, Barasa E, Jewkes R, Vassall A
Health Policy Plan, (2021). 36:223-225

What role can health policy and systems research play in supporting responses to COVID-19 that strengthen socially just health systems?.Gilson L, Marchal B, Ayepong I, Barasa E, Dossou JP, George A, Guinaran R, Maceira D, Molyneux S, Prashanth NS, Schneider H, Shawar Y, Shiffman JR, Sheikh K, Spicer N, Van Belle S, Whyle E
Health Policy Plan, (2020). 35:1231-1236

What will it cost to prevent violence against women and girls in low- and middle-income countries? Evidence from Ghana, Kenya, Pakistan, Rwanda, South Africa and Zambia.Torres-Rueda S, Ferrari G, Orangi S, Hitimana R, Daviaud E, Tawiah T, Prah RKD, Karmaliani R, Kapapa E, Barasa E, Jewkes R, Vassall A
Health Policy Plan, (2020). 35:855-866

Preferences of healthcare providers for capitation payment in Kenya: a discrete choice experiment.Obadha M, Chuma J, Kazungu J, Abiiro GA, Beck MJ, Barasa E
Health Policy Plan, (2020). 35:842-854

How do decision-makers use evidence in community health policy and financing decisions? A qualitative study and conceptual framework in four African countries.Kumar MB, Taegtmeyer M, Madan J, Ndima S, Chikaphupha K, Kea A, Barasa E
Health Policy Plan, (2020). 35:799-809

Shocks, stress and everyday health system resilience: experiences from the Kenyan coast.Kagwanja N, Waithaka D, Nzinga J, Tsofa B, Boga M, Leli H, Mataza C, Gilson L, Molyneux S, Barasa E
Health Policy Plan, (2020). 35:522-535

'Gender is not even a side issue...it's a non-issue': career trajectories and experiences from the perspective of male and female healthcare managers in Kenya.Muraya KW, Govender V, Mbachu C, Uguru NP, Molyneux S
Health Policy Plan, (2019). 34:249-256

Priority setting for health in the context of devolution in Kenya: implications for health equity and community-based primary care.McCollum R, Theobald S, Otiso L, Martineau T, Karuga R, Barasa E, Molyneux S, Taegtmeyer M
Health Policy Plan, (2018). 33:729-742

The importance of gender analysis in research for health systems strengthening.Theobald S, Morgan R, Hawkins K, Ssali S, George A, Molyneux S
Health Policy Plan, (2017). 32:v1-v3

"If it's issues to do with nutrition...I can decide...": gendered decision-making in joining community-based child nutrition interventions within rural coastal Kenya.Muraya KW, Jones C, Berkley JA, Molyneux S
Health Policy Plan, (2017). 32:v31-v39

From bouncing back, to nurturing emergence: reframing the concept of resilience in health systems strengthening.Barasa EW, Cloete K, Gilson L
Health Policy Plan, (2017). 32:iii91-iii94

Setting healthcare priorities: a description and evaluation of the budgeting and planning process in county hospitals in Kenya.Barasa EW, Cleary S, Molyneux S, English M
Health Policy Plan, (2017). 32:329-337

How to do (or not to do)... gender analysis in health systems research.Morgan R, George A, Ssali S, Hawkins K, Molyneux S, Theobald S
Health Policy Plan, (2016). 31:1069-78

National malaria vector control policy: an analysis of the decision to scale-up larviciding in Nigeria.Tesfazghi K, Hill J, Jones C, Ranson H, Worrall E
Health Policy Plan, (2016). 31:91-101

Tracking implementation and (un)intended consequences: a process evaluation of an innovative peripheral health facility financing mechanism in Kenya.Waweru E, Goodman C, Kedenge S, Tsofa B, Molyneux S
Health Policy Plan, (2016). 31:137-47

Implementation of patient charges at primary care facilities in Kenya: implications of low adherence to user fee policy for users and facility revenue.Opwora A, Waweru E, Toda M, Noor A, Edwards T, Fegan G, Molyneux S, Goodman C
Health Policy Plan, (2015). 30:508-17

Setting healthcare priorities in hospitals: a review of empirical studies.Barasa EW, Molyneux S, English M, Cleary S
Health Policy Plan, (2015). 30:386-96