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The use of formal and informal curative services in the management of paediatric fevers in four districts in Kenya.Amin AA, Marsh V, Noor AM, Ochola SA, Snow RW
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Defining equity in physical access to clinical services using geographical information systems as part of malaria planning and monitoring in Kenya.Noor AM, Zurovac D, Hay SI, Ochola SA, Snow RW
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The efficacy of antimalarial monotherapies, sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine and amodiaquine in East Africa: implications for sub-regional policy.
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Seizure disorders among relatives of Kenyan children with severe falciparum malaria.Versteeg AC, Carter JA, Dzombo J, Neville BG, Newton CR
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Too poor to pay: charging for insecticide-treated bednets in highland Kenya.Guyatt HL, Ochola SA, Snow RW
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Free bednets to pregnant women through antenatal clinics in Kenya: a cheap, simple and equitable approach to delivery.Guyatt HL, Gotink MH, Ochola SA, Snow RW
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Malaria prevention in highland Kenya: indoor residual house-spraying vs. insecticide-treated bednets.Guyatt HL, Corlett SK, Robinson TP, Ochola SA, Snow RW
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Predicting the distribution of urinary schistosomiasis in Tanzania using satellite sensor data.Brooker S, Hay SI, Issae W, Hall A, Kihamia CM, Lwambo NJ, Wint W, Rogers DJ, Bundy DA
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Monitoring antimalarial drug resistance within National Malaria Control Programmes: the EANMAT experience.East African Network for Monitoring Antimalarial Treatment (EANMAT)
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An empirical malaria distribution map for West Africa.Kleinschmidt I, Omumbo J, Briet O, van de Giesen N, Sogoba N, Mensah NK, Windmeijer P, Moussa M, Teuscher T
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Malaria in pregnancy: adverse effects on haemoglobin levels and birthweight in primigravidae and multigravidae.Shulman CE, Marshall T, Dorman EK, Bulmer JN, Cutts F, Peshu N, Marsh K
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Brain damage after neonatal tetanus in a rural Kenyan hospital.Barlow JL, Mung'Ala-Odera V, Gona J, Newton CR
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Chloroquine is not a risk factor for seizures in childhood cerebral malaria.Crawley J, Kokwaro G, Ouma D, Watkins W, Marsh K
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Using evidence to change antimalarial drug policy in Kenya.Shretta R, Omumbo J, Rapuoda B, Snow RW
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Paediatric survival and re-admission risks following hospitalization on the Kenyan coast.Snow RW, Howard SC, Mung'Ala-Odera V, English M, Molyneux CS, Waruiru C, Mwangi I, Roberts DJ, Donnelly CA, Marsh K
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Maternal responses to childhood fevers: a comparison of rural and urban residents in coastal Kenya.Molyneux CS, Mung'Ala-Odera V, Harpham T, Snow RW
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Changing home treatment of childhood fevers by training shop keepers in rural Kenya.Marsh VM, Mutemi WM, Muturi J, Haaland A, Watkins WM, Otieno G, Marsh K
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A community randomized controlled trial of insecticide-treated bednets for the prevention of malaria and anaemia among primigravid women on the Kenyan coast.Shulman CE, Dorman EK, Talisuna AO, Lowe BS, Nevill C, Snow RW, Jilo H, Peshu N, Bulmer JN, Graham S, Marsh K
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The cost of treating paediatric malaria admissions and the potential impact of insecticide-treated mosquito nets on hospital expenditure.Kirigia JM, Snow RW, Fox-Rushby J, Mills A
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Severe anaemia in children living in a malaria endemic area of Kenya.Newton CR, Warn PA, Winstanley PA, Peshu N, Snow RW, Pasvol G, Marsh K
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