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Translation of artemether-lumefantrine treatment policy into paediatric clinical practice: an early experience from Kenya.Zurovac D, Njogu J, Akhwale W, Hamer DH, Snow RW
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Treatment-seeking behaviour, cost burdens and coping strategies among rural and urban households in Coastal Kenya: an equity analysis.Chuma J, Gilson L, Molyneux C
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Mapping the environmental coverage of the INDEPTH demographic surveillance system network in rural Africa.Tatem AJ, Snow RW, Hay SI
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The financial and clinical implications of adult malaria diagnosis using microscopy in Kenya.Zurovac D, Larson BA, Akhwale W, Snow RW
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Microscopy and outpatient malaria case management among older children and adults in Kenya.Zurovac D, Midia B, Ochola SA, English M, Snow RW
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Fever treatment and household wealth: the challenge posed for rolling out combination therapy for malaria.Njau JD, Goodman C, Kachur SP, Palmer N, Khatib RA, Abdulla S, Mills A, Bloland P
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Modelling distances travelled to government health services in Kenya.Noor AM, Amin AA, Gething PW, Atkinson PM, Hay SI, Snow RW
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Neurological and developmental outcome of neonatal jaundice and sepsis in rural Kenya.Gordon AL, English M, Tumaini Dzombo J, Karisa M, Newton CR
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The accuracy of human population maps for public health application.Hay SI, Noor AM, Nelson A, Tatem AJ
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Modelling malaria risk in East Africa at high-spatial resolution.Omumbo JA, Hay SI, Snow RW, Tatem AJ, Rogers DJ
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Clinical algorithms for malaria diagnosis lack utility among people of different age groups.Mwangi TW, Mohammed M, Dayo H, Snow RW, Marsh K
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The role of sequential administration of sulphadoxine/pyrimethamine following quinine in the treatment of severe falciparum malaria in children.Ogutu BR, Nzila AM, Ochong E, Mithwani S, Wamola B, Olola CH, Lowe B, Kokwaro GO, Marsh K, Newton CR
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Early infant growth monitoring--time well spent?.Ross A, English M
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Review Article: blood-brain barrier in falciparum malaria.Gitau EN, Newton CR
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Developmental impairments following severe falciparum malaria in children.Carter JA, Ross AJ, Neville BG, Obiero E, Katana K, Mung'ala-Odera V, Lees JA, Newton CR
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Impact of malaria control on childhood anaemia in Africa -- a quantitative review.Korenromp EL, Armstrong-Schellenberg JR, Williams BG, Nahlen BL, Snow RW
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The difference between effectiveness and efficacy of antimalarial drugs in Kenya.Amin AA, Hughes DA, Marsh V, Abuya TO, Kokwaro GO, Winstanley PA, Ochola SA, Snow RW
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Improving malaria home treatment by training drug retailers in rural Kenya.Marsh VM, Mutemi WM, Willetts A, Bayah K, Were S, Ross A, Marsh K
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Use of intermittent presumptive treatment and insecticide treated bed nets by pregnant women in four Kenyan districts.Guyatt HL, Noor AM, Ochola SA, Snow RW
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