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Impact of hookworm infection and deworming on anaemia in non-pregnant populations: a systematic review.Smith JL, Brooker S
Trop Med Int Health, (2010). 15:776-95

Spatial co-distribution of neglected tropical diseases in the east African great lakes region: revisiting the justification for integrated control.Clements AC, Deville MA, Ndayishimiye O, Brooker S, Fenwick A
Trop Med Int Health, (2010). 15:198-207

Evaluating the InterVA model for determining AIDS mortality from verbal autopsies in the adult population of Addis Ababa.Tensou B, Araya T, Telake DS, Byass P, Berhane Y, Kebebew T, Sanders EJ, Reniers G
Trop Med Int Health, (2010). 15:547-53

The effect of food consumption on lumefantrine bioavailability in African children receiving artemether-lumefantrine crushed or dispersible tablets (Coartem) for acute uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria.Borrmann S, Sallas WM, Machevo S, Gonzalez R, Bjorkman A, Martensson A, Hamel M, Juma E, Peshu J, Ogutu B, Djimde A, D'Alessandro U, Marrast AC, Lefevre G, Kern SE
Trop Med Int Health, (2010). 15:434-41

The performance of haematuria reagent strips for the rapid mapping of urinary schistosomiasis: field experience from Southern Sudan.Robinson E, Picon D, Sturrock HJ, Sabasio A, Lado M, Kolaczinski J, Brooker S
Trop Med Int Health, (2009). 14:1484-7

Are hospitals prepared to support newborn survival? - An evaluation of eight first-referral level hospitals in Kenya.Opondo C, Ntoburi S, Wagai J, Wafula J, Wasunna A, Were F, Wamae A, Migiro S, Irimu G, English M
Trop Med Int Health, (2009). 14:1165-72

Epidemiological studies of the 'non-specific effects' of vaccines: I--data collection in observational studies.Fine PE, Williams TN, Aaby P, Kallander K, Moulton LH, Flanagan KL, Smith PG, Benn CS
Trop Med Int Health, (2009). 14:969-76

Epidemiological studies of the non-specific effects of vaccines: II--methodological issues in the design and analysis of cohort studies.Farrington CP, Firth MJ, Moulton LH, Ravn H, Andersen PK, Evans S
Trop Med Int Health, (2009). 14:977-85

The household costs of health care in rural South Africa with free public primary care and hospital exemptions for the poor.Goudge J, Gilson L, Russell S, Gumede T, Mills A
Trop Med Int Health, (2009). 14:458-67

Access, sources and value of new medical information: views of final year medical students at the University of Nairobi.Gituma A, Masika M, Muchangi E, Nyagah L, Otieno V, Irimu G, Wasunna A, Ndiritu M, English M
Trop Med Int Health, (2009). 14:118-22

The impact of primary health care on malaria morbidity--defining access by disease burden.O'Meara WP, Noor A, Gatakaa H, Tsofa B, McKenzie FE, Marsh K
Trop Med Int Health, (2009). 14:29-35

Factors associated with increased risk of progression to respiratory syncytial virus-associated pneumonia in young Kenyan children.Okiro EA, Ngama M, Bett A, Cane PA, Medley GF, James Nokes D
Trop Med Int Health, (2008). 13:914-26

Effects of revised diagnostic recommendations on malaria treatment practices across age groups in Kenya.Zurovac D, Njogu J, Akhwale W, Hamer DH, Larson BA, Snow RW
Trop Med Int Health, (2008). 13:784-7

Paediatric HIV and neurodevelopment in sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review.Abubakar A, Van Baar A, Van de Vijver FJ, Holding P, Newton CR
Trop Med Int Health, (2008). 13:880-7

Accidental paraffin poisoning in Kenyan children.Lang T, Thuo N, Akech S
Trop Med Int Health, (2008). 13:845-7

Debating the quality and performance of health systems at a global level is not enough, national debates are essential for progress.Ntoburi S, Wagai J, Irimu G, English M
Trop Med Int Health, (2008). 13:444-7

Age patterns in undernutrition and helminth infection in a rural area of Brazil: associations with ascariasis and hookworm.Jardim-Botelho A, Brooker S, Geiger SM, Fleming F, Souza Lopes AC, Diemert DJ, Correa-Oliveira R, Bethony JM
Trop Med Int Health, (2008). 13:458-67

Typhoid fever in children in Africa.Mweu E, English M
Trop Med Int Health, (2008). 13:532-40

Access and barriers to measures targeted to prevent malaria in pregnancy in rural Kenya.Gikandi PW, Noor AM, Gitonga CW, Ajanga AA, Snow RW
Trop Med Int Health, (2008). 13:208-17

The use of artemether-lumefantrine by febrile children following national implementation of a revised drug policy in Kenya.Gitonga CW, Amin AA, Ajanga A, Kangwana BB, Noor AM, Snow RW
Trop Med Int Health, (2008). 13:487-94