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An evaluation of the national testing response during the COVID-19 pandemic in England: a multistage mixed-methods study protocol.Naidoo R, Lambert B, Voysey M, Shretta R, Keene CM, Wanat M, Andersen-Waine B, Dahal P, Stepniewska K, Hounsell R, Molyneux S, Pinto-Duschinsky S, Rowe E, Yenidogan G, Fowler T, White L, Consortium EHA
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A scoping review of ethics review processes during public health emergencies in Africa.Orievulu K, Hinga A, Nkosi B, Ngwenya N, Seeley J, Akanlu A, Tindana P, Molyneux S, Kinyanjui S, Kamuya D
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Community engagement and the centrality of 'working relationships' in health research.Vincent R, Kamuya D, Adhikari B, Nyirenda D, Lavery JV, Molyneux S
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Childhood growth during recovery from acute illness in Africa and South Asia: a secondary analysis of the childhood acute illness and nutrition (CHAIN) prospective cohort.Bourdon C, Diallo AH, Mohammad Sayeem Bin Shahid AS, Khan MA, Saleem AF, Singa BO, Gnoumou BS, Tigoi C, Otieno CA, Oduol CO, Lancioni CL, Manyasi C, McGrath CJ, Maronga C, Lwanga C, Brals D, Ahmed D, Mondal D, Denno DM, Mangale DI, Chimwezi E, Mbale E, Mupere E, Salauddin Mamun GM, Ouédraogo I, Berkley JA, Njunge JM, Njirammadzi J, Mukisa J, Thitiri J, Walson JL, Jemutai J, Tickell KD, Shahrin L, Mallewa M, Hossain MI, Chisti MJ, Timbwa M, Mburu M, Ngari MM, Ngao N, Aber P, Harawa PP, Sukhtankar P, Bandsma RHJ, Bamouni RM, Molyneux S, Mwaringa S, Shaima SN, Ali SA, Afsana SM, Banu S, Ahmed T, Voskuijl WP, Kazi Z
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Layered vulnerability and researchers' responsibilities: learning from research involving Kenyan adolescents living with perinatal HIV infection.Kimani M, Molyneux S, Charo A, Zakayo SM, Sanga G, Njeru R, Davies A, Kelley M, Abubakar A, Marsh V
BMC Med Ethics, (2024). 25:21

Budget monitoring, accountability practices and their influence on the efficiency of county health systems in Kenya.Musiega A, Nyawira L, Tsofa B, Njuguna RG, Munywoki J, Hanson K, Mulwa A, Molyneux S, Maina I, Normand C, Jemutai J, Barasa E
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The influence of internship training experience on Kenyan and Ugandan doctors' career intentions and decisions: a qualitative study.Zhao Y, Mbuthia D, Ankomisyani DS, Blacklock C, Gathara D, Molyneux S, Nicodemo C, Okello TR, Rutebemberwa E, Tweheyo R, English M
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The hidden emotional labour behind ensuring the social value of research: Experiences of frontline health policy and systems researchers based in Kenya during COVID-19.Nzinga J, Oliwa J, Oluoch D, Jepkosgei J, Mbuthia D, Boga M, Musitia P, Ogola M, Muinga N, Muraya K, Hinga A, Kamuya D, Kelley M, Molyneux S
PLOS Glob Public Health, (2023). 3:e0002116

Not just surveys and indicators: narratives capture what really matters for health system strengthening.Oluoch D, Molyneux S, Boga M, Maluni J, Murila F, Jones C, Ziebland S, English M, Hinton L
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Medical device regulation and oversight in African countries: a scoping review of literature and development of a conceptual framework.Nasir N, Molyneux S, Were F, Aderoba A, Fuller SS
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Examining the influence of health sector coordination on the efficiency of county health systems in Kenya.Nyawira L, Njuguna RG, Tsofa B, Musiega A, Munywoki J, Hanson K, Mulwa A, Molyneux S, Maina I, Normand C, Jemutai J, Barasa E
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Protocol for the Pathways Study: a realist evaluation of staff social ties and communication in the delivery of neonatal care in Kenya.Wanyama C, Blacklock C, Jepkosgei J, English M, Hinton L, McKnight J, Molyneux S, Boga M, Musitia PM, Wong G
BMJ Open, (2023). 13:e066150

Respecting relational agency in the context of vulnerability: What can research ethics learn from the social sciences?.Roest J, Nkosi B, Seeley J, Molyneux S, Kelley M
Bioethics, (2023). 37:379-388

A network of empirical ethics teams embedded in research programmes across multiple sites: opportunities and challenges in contributing to COVID-19 research and responses.Ngwenya N, Ilo Van Nuil J, Nyirenda D, Chambers M, Cheah PY, Seeley J, Chi P, Mafuleka L, Nkosi B, Kamuya D, Davies A, Schneiders ML, Mumba N, Dlamini S, Desmond N, Marsh V, Rippon D, Parker M, Molyneux S
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Analysing the Efficiency of Health Systems: A Systematic Review of the Literature.Mbau R, Musiega A, Nyawira L, Tsofa B, Mulwa A, Molyneux S, Maina I, Jemutai J, Normand C, Hanson K, Barasa E
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How does power shape District Health Management Team responsiveness to public feedback in Low-and-Middle Income Countries? An interpretive synthesis.Kagwanja N, Molyneux S, Whyle E, Tsofa B, Gilson L
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Depressive symptoms among mothers with hospitalized children in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.Elshafei A, Jemutai J, Tickell KD, Sukhtankar P, Bhat A, Molyneux S, Berkley JA, Walson JL, Collins PY, Childhood Acute Illness Nutrition Network Investigators
J Affect Disord, (2022). 323:368-377

Examining the Influence of Budget Execution Processes on the Efficiency of County Health Systems in Kenya.Musiega A, Tsofa B, Nyawira L, Njuguna RG, Munywoki J, Hanson K, Mulwa A, Molyneux S, Maina I, Normand C, Jemutai J, Barasa E
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A framework for managing health research capacity strengthening consortia: addressing tensions and enhancing capacity outcomes.Tagoe N, Pulford J, Kinyanjui S, Molyneux S
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Treatment-seeking and recovery among young undernourished children post-hospital discharge in Bangladesh: A qualitative study.Uddin MF, Molyneux S, Muraya K, Jemutai J, Berkley JA, Walson JL, Hossain MA, Islam MA, Zakayo SM, Njeru RW, Ahmed T, Chisti MJ, Sarma H
PLoS One, (2022). 17:e0274996