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Transfer of 4-hydroxynonenal from parasitized to non-parasitized erythrocytes in rosettes. Proposed role in severe malaria anemia.Uyoga S, Skorokhod OA, Opiyo M, Orori EN, Williams TN, Arese P, Schwarzer E
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Relation between falciparum malaria and bacteraemia in Kenyan children: a population-based, case-control study and a longitudinal study.Scott JA, Berkley JA, Mwangi I, Ochola L, Uyoga S, Macharia A, Ndila C, Lowe BS, Mwarumba S, Bauni E, Marsh K, Williams TN
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Iron deficiency and acute seizures: results from children living in rural Kenya and a meta-analysis.Idro R, Gwer S, Williams TN, Otieno T, Uyoga S, Fegan G, Kager PA, Maitland K, Kirkham F, Neville BG, Newton CR
PLoS One, (2010). 5:e14001

High mortality from Plasmodium falciparum malaria in children living with sickle cell anemia on the coast of Kenya.McAuley CF, Webb C, Makani J, Macharia A, Uyoga S, Opi DH, Ndila C, Ngatia A, Scott JA, Marsh K, Williams TN
Blood, (2010). 116:1663-8

Preventable deaths in sickle-cell anaemia in African children - Authors' reply.Williams TN, Uyoga S, Macharia A, Sharif SK, Scott JA
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Bacteraemia in Kenyan children with sickle-cell anaemia: a retrospective cohort and case-control study.Williams TN, Uyoga S, Macharia A, Ndila C, McAuley CF, Opi DH, Mwarumba S, Makani J, Komba A, Ndiritu MN, Sharif SK, Marsh K, Berkley JA, Scott JA
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Haptoglobin HP2-2 genotype, alpha-thalassaemia and acute seizures in children living in a malaria-endemic area.Idro R, Williams TN, Gwer S, Uyoga S, Macharia A, Opi H, Atkinson S, Maitland K, Kager PA, Kwiatkowski D, Neville BG, Newton CR
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Antibodies among men and children to placental-binding Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes that express var2csa.Beeson JG, Ndungu F, Persson KE, Chesson JM, Kelly GL, Uyoga S, Hallamore SL, Williams TN, Reeder JC, Brown GV, Marsh K
Am J Trop Med Hyg, (2007). 77:22-8

Co-inheritance of alpha+-thalassaemia and sickle trait results in specific effects on haematological parameters.Wambua S, Mwacharo J, Uyoga S, Macharia A, Williams TN
Br J Haematol, (2006). 133:206-9

Negative epistasis between the malaria-protective effects of alpha+-thalassemia and the sickle cell trait.Williams TN, Mwangi TW, Wambua S, Peto TE, Weatherall DJ, Gupta S, Recker M, Penman BS, Uyoga S, Macharia A, Mwacharo JK, Snow RW, Marsh K
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Both heterozygous and homozygous alpha+ thalassemias protect against severe and fatal Plasmodium falciparum malaria on the coast of Kenya.Williams TN, Wambua S, Uyoga S, Macharia A, Mwacharo JK, Newton CR, Maitland K
Blood, (2005). 106:368-71