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A Novel Sample Selection Approach to Aid the Identification of Factors That Correlate With the Control of HIV-1 Infection.Makinde J, Nduati EW, Freni-Sterrantino A, Streatfield C, Kibirige C, Dalel J, Black SL, Hayes P, Macharia G, Hare J, McGowan E, Abel B, King D, Joseph S, Iavi Protocol C Investigators, Hunter E, Sanders EJ, Price M, Gilmour J
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HIV incidence in a multinational cohort of men and transgender women who have sex with men in sub-Saharan Africa: Findings from HPTN 075.Sandfort TGM, Mbilizi Y, Sanders EJ, Guo X, Cummings V, Hamilton EL, Akelo V, Panchia R, Dominguez K, Stirratt MJ, Chege W, Lucas J, Gaydos CA, Chen YQ, Eshleman SH
PLoS One, (2021). 16:e0247195

A Stronger Innate Immune Response During Hyperacute Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1) Infection Is Associated With Acute Retroviral Syndrome.Hassan AS, Hare J, Gounder K, Nazziwa J, Karlson S, Olsson L, Streatfield C, Kamali A, Karita E, Kilembe W, Price MA, Borrow P, Bjorkman P, Kaleebu P, Allen S, Hunter E, Ndung'u T, Gilmour J, Rowland-Jones S, Esbjornsson J, Sanders EJ
Clin Infect Dis, (2021). 73:832-841

High patient acceptability but low coverage of provider-initiated HIV testing among adult outpatients with symptoms of acute infectious illness in coastal Kenya.Agutu CA, Oduor TH, Kombo BK, Mugo PM, Chira SM, Ogada FW, Rinke de Wit TF, Chege W, van der Elst EM, Graham SM, Sanders EJ
PLoS One, (2021). 16:e0246444

Response to: "Inclusion as Illusion: Erasing Transgender Women in Research with MSM".Crowell TA, Fast PE, Bekker LG, Sanders EJ
J Int AIDS Soc, (2021). 24:e25662

"I wish to remain HIV negative": Pre-exposure prophylaxis adherence and persistence in transgender women and men who have sex with men in coastal Kenya.Kimani M, van der Elst EM, Chirro O, Wahome E, Ibrahim F, Mukuria N, de Wit TFR, Graham SM, Operario D, Sanders EJ
PLoS One, (2021). 16:e0244226

Cohort Profile: IAVI's HIV epidemiology and early infection cohort studies in Africa to support vaccine discovery.Price MA, Kilembe W, Ruzagira E, Karita E, Inambao M, Sanders EJ, Anzala O, Allen S, Edward VA, Kaleebu P, Fast PE, Rida W, Kamali A, Hunter E, Tang J, Lakhi S, Mutua G, Bekker LG, Abu-Baker G, Tichacek A, Chetty P, Latka MH, Maenetje P, Makkan H, Hare J, Kibengo F, Priddy F, Landais E, Chinyenze K, Gilmour J
Int J Epidemiol, (2021). 50:29-30

Socio-economic condition and lack of virological suppression among adults and adolescents receiving antiretroviral therapy in Ethiopia.Plymoth M, Sanders EJ, Van Der Elst EM, Medstrand P, Tesfaye F, Winqvist N, Balcha T, Bjorkman P
PLoS One, (2020). 15:e0244066

Acute and early HIV infection screening among men who have sex with men, a systematic review and meta-analysis.Palmer S, Dijkstra M, Ket JC, Wahome EW, Walimbwa J, Gichuru E, van der Elst EM, Schim van der Loeff MF, de Bree GJ, Sanders EJ
J Int AIDS Soc, (2020). 23 Suppl 6:e25590

Involvement of African men and transgender women who have sex with men in HIV research: progress, but much more must be done.Crowell TA, Fast PE, Bekker LG, Sanders EJ
J Int AIDS Soc, (2020). 23 Suppl 6:e25596

A more responsive, multi-pronged strategy is needed to strengthen HIV healthcare for men who have sex with men in a decentralized health system: qualitative insights of a case study in the Kenyan coast.van der Elst EM, Mudza R, Onguso JM, Kiirika L, Kombo B, Jahangir N, Graham SM, Operario D, Sanders EJ
J Int AIDS Soc, (2020). 23 Suppl 6:e25597

Risk factors for loss to follow-up among at-risk HIV negative men who have sex with men participating in a research cohort with access to pre-exposure prophylaxis in coastal Kenya.Wahome EW, Graham SM, Thiong'o AN, Mohamed K, Oduor T, Gichuru E, Mwambi J, van der Elst EM, Sanders EJ
J Int AIDS Soc, (2020). 23 Suppl 6:e25593

Infection with multiple HIV-1 founder variants is associated with lower viral replicative capacity, faster CD4+ T cell decline and increased immune activation during acute infection.Macharia GN, Yue L, Staller E, Dilernia D, Wilkins D, Song H, McGowan E, King D, Fast P, Imami N, Price MA, Sanders EJ, Hunter E, Gilmour J
PLoS Pathog, (2020). 16:e1008853

A Novel HIV-1 RNA Testing Intervention to Detect Acute and Prevalent HIV Infection in Young Adults and Reduce HIV Transmission in Kenya: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial.Graham SM, Agutu C, van der Elst E, Hassan AS, Gichuru E, Mugo PM, Farquhar C, Babigumira JB, Goodreau SM, Hamilton DT, Ndung'u T, Sirengo M, Chege W, Sanders EJ
JMIR Res Protoc, (2020). 9:e16198

African-led health research and capacity building- is it working?.Kasprowicz VO, Chopera D, Waddilove KD, Brockman MA, Gilmour J, Hunter E, Kilembe W, Karita E, Gaseitsiwe S, Sanders EJ, Ndung'u T
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HIV-1 Transmission Patterns Within and Between Risk Groups in Coastal Kenya.Nduva GM, Hassan AS, Nazziwa J, Graham SM, Esbjornsson J, Sanders EJ
Sci Rep, (2020). 10:6775

A Randomized Controlled Trial of the Shikamana Intervention to Promote Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence Among Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men in Kenya: Feasibility, Acceptability, Safety and Initial Effect Size.Graham SM, Micheni M, Chirro O, Nzioka J, Secor AM, Mugo PM, Kombo B, van der Elst EM, Operario D, Amico KR, Sanders EJ, Simoni JM
AIDS Behav, (2020). 24:2206-2219

Trends and predictors of HIV positivity and time since last test at voluntary counselling and testing encounters among adults in Kilifi, Kenya, 2006-2017.Mugo PM, Agutu CA, Wahome E, Juma M, Nzioka J, Mohamed K, Mumba T, Shally M, Fauz I, Omar A, Rinke de Wit TF, van der Elst EM, Graham SM, Sanders EJ
Wellcome Open Res, (2019). 4:127

Rectal gonorrhoea and chlamydia among men who have sex with men in coastal Kenya.Ngetsa CJ, Heymann MW, Thiong'o A, Wahome E, Mwambi J, Karani C, Menza NC, Mwashigadi G, Muturi MW, Graham SM, Mugo PM, Sanders EJ
Wellcome Open Res, (2019). 4:79

Assessment of PrEP eligibility and uptake among at-risk MSM participating in a HIV-1 vaccine feasibility cohort in coastal Kenya.Wahome E, Graham S, Thiong'o A, Chirro O, Mohamed K, Gichuru E, Mwambi J, Price M, Sanders EJ
Wellcome Open Res, (2019). 4:138