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Comparison of Structural Changes in Nodding Syndrome and Other Epilepsies Associated With Onchocerca volvulus.Mazumder R, Lubowa SK, Salamon N, Jackson NJ, Kawooya M, Akun PR, Anguzu R, Ogwang RJ, Kubofcik J, Nutman T, Marsh K, Newton C, Vincent A, Idro R
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Quantifying long-term health and economic outcomes for survivors of group B Streptococcus invasive disease in infancy: protocol of a multi-country study in Argentina, India, Kenya, Mozambique and South Africa.Paul P, Procter SR, Dangor Z, Bassat Q, Abubakar A, Santhanam S, Libster R, Goncalves BP, Madhi SA, Bardaji A, Mwangome E, Mabrouk A, John HB, Sanchez Yanotti C, Chandna J, Sithole P, Mucasse H, Katana PV, Koukounari A, Harden LM, Aerts C, Ghoor A, Leahy S, Mbatha S, Lowick S, Lala SG, Bramugy J, Newton C, Hossain AKMT, Sadeq-Ur Rahman Q, Lambach P, Jit M, Lawn JE
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Coma.Newton C
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Epilepsy.Newton C
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Convulsive status epilepticus.Najam Y, Newton C, Ogutu B
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Other bacterial infections.Coulter B, McMaster P, Khan E, Newton C
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Guillain-Barre syndrome.Newton C, Khan E
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Poliomyelitis.Newton C
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Changing trends in incidence and aetiology of childhood acute non-traumatic coma over a period of changing malaria transmission in rural coastal Kenya: a retrospective analysis.Gwer S, Thuo N, Idro R, Ndiritu M, Boga M, Newton C, Kirkham F
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Children at risk for developmental delay can be recognised by stunting, being underweight, ill health, little maternal schooling or high gravidity.Abubakar A, Holding P, Van de Vijver FJ, Newton C, Van Baar A
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