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Exposure to common infections may shape basal immunity and potentially HIV-1 acquisition amongst a high-risk population in Coastal Kenya.Fwambah L, Andisi C, Streatfield C, Bromell R, Hare J, Esbjornsson J, Ndung'u T, Sanders EJ, Hassan AS, Nduati E
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Assessment of a diverse panel of transmitted/founder HIV-1 infectious molecular clones in a luciferase based CD8 T-cell mediated viral inhibition assay.Fernandez N, Hayes P, Makinde J, Hare J, King D, Xu R, Rehawi O, Mezzell AT, Kato L, Mugaba S, Serwanga J, Chemweno J, Nduati E, Price MA, Osier F, Ochsenbauer C, Yue L, Hunter E, Gilmour J
Front Immunol, (2022). 13:1029029

Serum immunoglobulin G and mucosal immunoglobulin A antibodies from prepandemic samples collected in Kilifi, Kenya, neutralize SARS-CoV-2 in vitro.Nyagwange J, Kutima B, Mwai K, Karanja HK, Gitonga JN, Mugo D, Sein Y, Wright D, Omuoyo DO, Nyiro JU, Tuju J, Nokes DJ, Agweyu A, Bejon P, Ochola-Oyier LI, Scott JAG, Lambe T, Nduati E, Agoti C, Warimwe GM
Int J Infect Dis, (2022). 127:11-16

Atypical B cells are part of an alternative lineage of B cells that participates in responses to vaccination and infection in humans.Sutton HJ, Aye R, Idris AH, Vistein R, Nduati E, Kai O, Mwacharo J, Li X, Gao X, Andrews TD, Koutsakos M, Nguyen THO, Nekrasov M, Milburn P, Eltahla A, Berry AA, Kc N, Chakravarty S, Sim BKL, Wheatley AK, Kent SJ, Hoffman SL, Lyke KE, Bejon P, Luciani F, Kedzierska K, Seder RA, Ndungu FM, Cockburn IA
Cell Rep, (2021). 34:108684

Symptom-based Scoring for Acute Human Immunodeficiency Virus.Sanders EJ, Kigoro A, Thiong'o A, Nduati E, Graham SM
Clin Infect Dis, (2019). 69:736-737

Cytomegalovirus viraemia is associated with poor growth and T-cell activation with an increased burden in HIV-exposed uninfected infants.Garcia-Knight MA, Nduati E, Hassan AS, Nkumama I, Etyang TJ, Hajj NJ, Gambo F, Odera D, Berkley JA, Rowland-Jones SL, Urban B
AIDS, (2017). 31:1809-1818

Altered Memory T-Cell Responses to Bacillus Calmette-Guerin and Tetanus Toxoid Vaccination and Altered Cytokine Responses to Polyclonal Stimulation in HIV-Exposed Uninfected Kenyan Infants.Garcia-Knight MA, Nduati E, Hassan AS, Gambo F, Odera D, Etyang TJ, Hajj NJ, Berkley JA, Urban BC, Rowland-Jones SL
PLoS One, (2015). 10:e0143043

HIV-exposed uninfected children: a growing population with a vulnerable immune system?.Afran L, Garcia Knight M, Nduati E, Urban BC, Heyderman RS, Rowland-Jones SL
Clin Exp Immunol, (2014). 176:11-22

The plasma concentration of the B cell activating factor is increased in children with acute malaria.Nduati E, Gwela A, Karanja H, Mugyenyi C, Langhorne J, Marsh K, Urban BC
J Infect Dis, (2011). 204:962-70

Effect of folate derivatives on the activity of antifolate drugs used against malaria and cancer.Nduati E, Diriye A, Ommeh S, Mwai L, Kiara S, Masseno V, Kokwaro G, Nzila A
Parasitol Res, (2008). 102:1227-34

2,4-diaminopteridine-based compounds as precursors for de novo synthesis of antifolates: a novel class of antimalarials.Nduati E, Hunt S, Kamau EM, Nzila A
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Why has the dihydrofolate reductase 164 mutation not consistently been found in Africa yet?.Nzila A, Ochong E, Nduati E, Gilbert K, Winstanley P, Ward S, Marsh K
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In vitro activities of 2,4-diaminoquinazoline and 2,4-diaminopteridine derivatives against Plasmodium falciparum.Ommeh S, Nduati E, Mberu E, Kokwaro G, Marsh K, Rosowsky A, Nzila A
Antimicrob Agents Chemother, (2004). 48:3711-4

Plasmodium falciparum: in vitro activity of sulfadoxine and dapsone in field isolates from Kenya: point mutations in dihydropteroate synthase may not be the only determinants in sulfa resistance.Mberu EK, Nzila AM, Nduati E, Ross A, Monks SM, Kokwaro GO, Watkins WM, Hopkins Sibley C
Exp Parasitol, (2002). 101:90-6

Genetic diversity of Plasmodium falciparum parasites from Kenya is not affected by antifolate drug selection.Nzila AM, Mberu EK, Nduati E, Ross A, Watkins WM, Sibley CH
Int J Parasitol, (2002). 32:1469-76

Chlorproguanil-dapsone for treatment of drug-resistant falciparum malaria in Tanzania.Mutabingwa T, Nzila A, Mberu E, Nduati E, Winstanley P, Hills E, Watkins W
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Molecular evidence of greater selective pressure for drug resistance exerted by the long-acting antifolate Pyrimethamine/Sulfadoxine compared with the shorter-acting chlorproguanil/dapsone on Kenyan Plasmodium falciparum.Nzila AM, Nduati E, Mberu EK, Hopkins Sibley C, Monks SA, Winstanley PA, Watkins WM
J Infect Dis, (2000). 181:2023-8