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Advancing the frontiers of geographic accessibility to healthcare services.Macharia PM, Banke-Thomas A, Beňová L
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Analysis of the Breast Cancer Journey in Namibia.Boucheron P, Zietsman A, Pontac J, Hansen R, Anderson BO, Togawa K, Macharia PM, Foerster M, Schüz J, Dos-Santos-Silva I, McCormack V
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A geospatial database of close-to-reality travel times to obstetric emergency care in 15 Nigerian conurbations.Macharia PM, Wong KLM, Olubodun T, Beňová L, Stanton C, Sundararajan N, Shah Y, Prasad G, Kansal M, Vispute S, Shekel T, Gwacham-Anisiobi U, Ogunyemi O, Wang J, Abejirinde IO, Makanga PT, Afolabi BB, Banke-Thomas A
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Exploring the urban gradient in population health: insights from satellite-derived urbanicity classes across multiple countries and years in sub-Saharan Africa.Macharia PM, Pinchoff J, Taylor C, Beňová L
BMJ Glob Health, (2023). 8:e013471

Exploring the urban gradient in population health: insights from satellite-derived urbanicity classes across multiple countries and years in sub-Saharan Africa.Macharia PM, Pinchoff J, Taylor C, Beňová L
BMJ Glob Health, (2023). 8:e013471

Prioritizing COVID-19 vaccine allocation in resource poor settings: Towards an Artificial Intelligence-enabled and Geospatial-assisted decision support framework.Shayegh S, Andreu-Perez J, Akoth C, Bosch-Capblanch X, Dasgupta S, Falchetta G, Gregson S, Hammad AT, Herringer M, Kapkea F, Labella A, Lisciotto L, Mart�nez L, Macharia PM, Morales-Ruiz P, Murage N, Offeddu V, South A, Torbica A, Trentini F, Melegaro A
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Choice of a family planning outlet in urban areas: The role of distance and quality of services in Kenya and Uganda.Winston J, Calhoun LM, Guilkey D, Macharia PM, Speizer IS
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Neonatal and perinatal mortality in the urban continuum: a geospatial analysis of the household survey, satellite imagery and travel time data in Tanzania.Macharia PM, Beňová L, Pinchoff J, Semaan A, Pembe AB, Christou A, Hanson C
BMJ Glob Health, (2023). 8:e011253

Investigating rapid diagnostic testing in Kenya's health system, 2018-2020: validating non-reporting in routine data using a health facility service assessment survey.Moturi AK, Robert BN, Bahati F, Macharia PM, Okiro EA
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Approaches to Defining Health Facility Catchment Areas in Sub-Saharan Africa.Macharia PM, Odhiambo JN, Mumo E, Maina A, Giorgi E, Okiro EA
Health and Medical Geography in Africa: Methods, Applications and Development Linkages, (2023). :445-465

Progress towards achieving child survival goals in Kenya after devolution: Geospatial analysis with scenario-based projections, 2015-2025.Joseph NK, Macharia PM, Okiro EA
PLOS Glob Public Health, (2022). 2:e0000686

Spatial variation and inequities in antenatal care coverage in Kenya, Uganda and mainland Tanzania using model-based geostatistics: a socioeconomic and geographical accessibility lens.Macharia PM, Joseph NK, Nalwadda GK, Mwilike B, Banke-Thomas A, Benova L, Johnson O
BMC Pregnancy Childbirth, (2022). 22:908

Geographic accessibility to public and private health facilities in Kenya in 2021: An updated geocoded inventory and spatial analysis.Moturi AK, Suiyanka L, Mumo E, Snow RW, Okiro EA, Macharia PM
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Double burden of under-5 mortality in LMICs.Macharia PM, Beňová L
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Differences between gridded population data impact measures of geographic access to healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa.Hierink F, Boo G, Macharia PM, Ouma PO, Timoner P, Levy M, Tschirhart K, Leyk S, Oliphant N, Tatem AJ, Ray N
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Mapping urban physical distancing constraints, sub-Saharan Africa: a case study from Kenya.Chamberlain HR, Macharia PM, Tatem AJ
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Leveraging big data for improving the estimation of close to reality travel time to obstetric emergency services in urban low- and middle-income settings.Banke-Thomas A, Macharia PM, Makanga PT, Benova L, Wong KLM, Gwacham-Anisiobi U, Wang J, Olubodun T, Ogunyemi O, Afolabi BB, Ebenso B, Omolade Abejirinde IO
Front Public Health, (2022). 10:931401

Combining school-catchment area models with geostatistical models for analysing school survey data from low-resource settings: Inferential benefits and limitations.Macharia PM, Ray N, Gitonga CW, Snow RW, Giorgi E
Spat Stat, (2022). 51:100679

Comparing modelled with self-reported travel time and the used versus the nearest facility: modelling geographic accessibility to family planning outlets in Kenya.Bouanchaud P, Macharia PM, Demise EG, Nakimuli D, Cm Fp Group
BMJ Glob Health, (2022). 7:e008366

Plasmodium falciparum parasite prevalence in East Africa: Updating data for malaria stratification.Alegana VA, Macharia PM, Muchiri S, Mumo E, Oyugi E, Kamau A, Chacky F, Thawer S, Molteni F, Rutazanna D, Maiteki-Sebuguzi C, Gonahasa S, Noor AM, Snow RW
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