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Evolution of a programme to engage school students with health research and science in Kenya.Davies A, Mwangome N, Yeri B, Mwango G, Mumba N, Marsh V, Kamuya D, Molyneux S, Kinyanjui S, Jones C
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New Prototype Screened Doors and Windows for Excluding Mosquitoes from Houses: A Pilot Study in Rural Gambia.Jawara M, Jatta E, Bell D, Burkot TR, Bradley J, Hunt V, Kandeh B, Jones C, Manjang AM, Pinder M, Stone S, D'Alessandro U, Knudsen J, Lindsay SW
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Antibodies in lymphocyte supernatants can distinguish between neutralising antibodies induced by RSV vaccination and pre-existing antibodies induced by natural infection.Gerretsen HE, Capone S, Vitelli A, Reyes LS, Thompson A, Jones C, Green CA, Pollard AJ, Sande CJ
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"We were being treated like the Queen": understanding trial factors influencing high paediatric malaria treatment adherence in western Kenya.Jones C, Talisuna AO, Snow RW, Zurovac D
Malar J, (2018). 17:8

"Every day they keep adding new tools but they don't take any away": Producing indicators for intermittent preventive treatment for malaria in pregnancy (IPTp) from routine data in Kenya.Okello G, Gerrets R, Zakayo S, Molyneux S, Jones C
PLoS One, (2018). 13:e0189699

"If it's issues to do with nutrition...I can decide...": gendered decision-making in joining community-based child nutrition interventions within rural coastal Kenya.Muraya KW, Jones C, Berkley JA, Molyneux S
Health Policy Plan, (2017). 32:v31-v39

Informing new or improved vector control tools for reducing the malaria burden in Tanzania: a qualitative exploration of perceptions of mosquitoes and methods for their control among the residents of Dar es Salaam.Makungu C, Stephen S, Kumburu S, Govella NJ, Dongus S, Hildon ZJ, Killeen GF, Jones C
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Using contraceptives to delay first birth: a qualitative study of individual, community and health provider perceptions in southern Tanzania.Sedekia Y, Jones C, Nathan R, Schellenberg J, Marchant T
BMC Public Health, (2017). 17:768

Efficacy of text-message reminders on paediatric malaria treatment adherence and their post-treatment return to health facilities in Kenya: a randomized controlled trial.Talisuna AO, Oburu A, Githinji S, Malinga J, Amboko B, Bejon P, Jones C, Snow RW, Zurovac D
Malar J, (2017). 16:46

Maternal colonization with Streptococcus agalactiae and associated stillbirth and neonatal disease in coastal Kenya.Seale AC, Koech AC, Sheppard AE, Barsosio HC, Langat J, Anyango E, Mwakio S, Mwarumba S, Morpeth SC, Anampiu K, Vaughan A, Giess A, Mogeni P, Walusuna L, Mwangudzah H, Mwanzui D, Salim M, Kemp B, Jones C, Mturi N, Tsofa B, Mumbo E, Mulewa D, Bandika V, Soita M, Owiti M, Onzere N, Walker AS, Schrag SJ, Kennedy SH, Fegan G, Crook DW, Berkley JA
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Perceptions of childhood undernutrition among rural households on the Kenyan coast - a qualitative study.Muraya KW, Jones C, Berkley JA, Molyneux S
BMC Public Health, (2016). 16:693

The RooPfs study to assess whether improved housing provides additional protection against clinical malaria over current best practice in The Gambia: study protocol for a randomized controlled study and ancillary studies.Pinder M, Conteh L, Jeffries D, Jones C, Knudsen J, Kandeh B, Jawara M, Sicuri E, D'Alessandro U, Lindsay SW
Trials, (2016). 17:275

Clinical Trials Cannot Substitute for Health System Strengthening Initiatives or Specifically Designed Health Policy and Systems Research.Asante KP, Jones C, Sirima SB, Molyneux S
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National malaria vector control policy: an analysis of the decision to scale-up larviciding in Nigeria.Tesfazghi K, Hill J, Jones C, Ranson H, Worrall E
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Development of a text-messaging intervention to improve treatment adherence and post-treatment review of children with uncomplicated malaria in western Kenya.Githinji S, Jones C, Malinga J, Snow RW, Talisuna A, Zurovac D
Malar J, (2015). 14:320

The Impact of a Community Awareness Strategy on Caregiver Treatment Seeking Behaviour and Use of Artemether-Lumefantrine for Febrile Children in Rural Kenya.Wasunna B, Okiro EA, Webster J, Todd J, Snow RW, Jones C
PLoS One, (2015). 10:e0130305

Health providers' perceptions of clinical trials: lessons from Ghana, Kenya and Burkina Faso.Angwenyi V, Asante KP, Traore A, Febir LG, Tawiah C, Kwarteng A, Ouedraogo A, Sirima SB, Owusu-Agyei S, Imoukhuede EB, Webster J, Chandramohan D, Molyneux S, Jones C
PLoS One, (2015). 10:e0124554

The feasibility, patterns of use and acceptability of using mobile phone text-messaging to improve treatment adherence and post-treatment review of children with uncomplicated malaria in western Kenya.Otieno G, Githinji S, Jones C, Snow RW, Talisuna A, Zurovac D
Malar J, (2014). 13:44

Challenges for consent and community engagement in the conduct of cluster randomized trial among school children in low income settings: experiences from Kenya.Okello G, Jones C, Bonareri M, Ndegwa SN, McHaro C, Kengo J, Kinyua K, Dubeck MM, Halliday KE, Jukes MC, Molyneux S, Brooker SJ
Trials, (2013). 14:142

Local perceptions of intermittent screening and treatment for malaria in school children on the south coast of Kenya.Okello G, Ndegwa SN, Halliday KE, Hanson K, Brooker SJ, Jones C
Malar J, (2012). 11:185