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An appeal for practical social justice in the COVID-19 global response in low-income and middle-income countries.Kelley M, Ferrand RA, Muraya K, Chigudu S, Molyneux S, Pai M, Barasa E
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Examining user fee reductions in public primary healthcare facilities in Kenya, 1997-2012: effects on the use and content of antenatal care.Dennis ML, Benova L, Goodman C, Barasa E, Abuya T, Campbell OMR
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Shocks, stress and everyday health system resilience: experiences from the Kenyan coast.Kagwanja N, Waithaka D, Nzinga J, Tsofa B, Boga M, Leli H, Mataza C, Gilson L, Molyneux S, Barasa E
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Prolonged health worker strikes in Kenya- perspectives and experiences of frontline health managers and local communities in Kilifi County.Waithaka D, Kagwanja N, Nzinga J, Tsofa B, Leli H, Mataza C, Nyaguara A, Bejon P, Gilson L, Barasa E, Molyneux S
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Examining purchasing reforms towards universal health coverage by the National Hospital Insurance Fund in Kenya.Mbau R, Kabia E, Honda A, Hanson K, Barasa E
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Patient costs of diabetes mellitus care in public health care facilities in Kenya.Oyando R, Njoroge M, Nguhiu P, Sigilai A, Kirui F, Mbui J, Bukania Z, Obala A, Munge K, Etyang A, Barasa E
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Effective coverage and budget implications of skill-mix change to improve neonatal nursing care: an explorative simulation study in Kenya.Tsiachristas A, Gathara D, Aluvaala J, Chege T, Barasa E, English M
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Attribute development and level selection for a discrete choice experiment to elicit the preferences of health care providers for capitation payment mechanism in Kenya.Obadha M, Barasa E, Kazungu J, Abiiro GA, Chuma J
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Diagnostic Accuracy of Unattended Automated Office Blood Pressure Measurement in Screening for Hypertension in Kenya.Etyang AO, Sigilai A, Odipo E, Oyando R, Ong'ayo G, Muthami L, Munge K, Kirui F, Mbui J, Bukania Z, Mwai J, Obala A, Barasa E
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Strategic Purchasing: The Neglected Health Financing Function for Pursuing Universal Health Coverage in Low-and Middle-Income Countries Comment on "What's Needed to Develop Strategic Purchasing in Healthcare? Policy Lessons from a Realist Review".Hanson K, Barasa E, Honda A, Panichkriangkrai W, Patcharanarumol W
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Is quality affordable for community health systems? Costs of integrating quality improvement into close-to-community health programmes in five low-income and middle-income countries.Kumar MB, Madan JJ, Achieng MM, Limato R, Ndima S, Kea AZ, Chikaphupha KR, Barasa E, Taegtmeyer M
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"We are called the et cetera": experiences of the poor with health financing reforms that target them in Kenya.Kabia E, Mbau R, Oyando R, Oduor C, Bigogo G, Khagayi S, Barasa E
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Disrupting gender norms in health systems: making the case for change.Hay K, McDougal L, Percival V, Henry S, Klugman J, Wurie H, Raven J, Shabalala F, Fielding-Miller R, Dey A, Dehingia N, Morgan R, Atmavilas Y, Saggurti N, Yore J, Blokhina E, Huque R, Barasa E, Bhan N, Kharel C, Silverman JG, Raj A, Gender Equality Norms Health Steering Committee
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Who pays and how much? A cross-sectional study of out-of-pocket payment for modern contraception in Kenya.Radovich E, Dennis ML, Barasa E, Cavallaro FL, Wong KL, Borghi J, Lynch CA, Lyons-Amos M, Abuya T, Benova L
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Patient costs of hypertension care in public health care facilities in Kenya.Oyando R, Njoroge M, Nguhiu P, Kirui F, Mbui J, Sigilai A, Bukania Z, Obala A, Munge K, Etyang A, Barasa E
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A critical analysis of purchasing arrangements in Kenya: the case of micro health insurance.Munge K, Mulupi S, Barasa E, Chuma J
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Health care purchasing in Kenya: Experiences of health care providers with capitation and fee-for-service provider payment mechanisms.Obadha M, Chuma J, Kazungu J, Barasa E
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Tackling health professionals' strikes: an essential part of health system strengthening in Kenya.Irimu G, Ogero M, Mbevi G, Kariuki C, Gathara D, Akech S, Barasa E, Tsofa B, English M
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"Sometimes it is difficult for us to stand up and change this": an analysis of power within priority-setting for health following devolution in Kenya.McCollum R, Taegtmeyer M, Otiso L, Muturi N, Barasa E, Molyneux S, Martineau T, Theobald S
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