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Understanding factors associated with attending secondary school in Tanzania using household survey data.Pezzulo C, Alegana VA, Christensen A, Bakari O, Tatem AJ
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Unmet need for COVID-19 vaccination coverage in Kenya.Muchiri SK, Muthee R, Kiarie H, Sitienei J, Agweyu A, Atkinson PM, Edson Utazi C, Tatem AJ, Alegana VA
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Insecticide-treated net distribution in Western Kenya: impacts related to COVID-19 and health worker strikes.Suiyanka L, Alegana VA, Snow RW
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Plasmodium falciparum parasite prevalence in East Africa: Updating data for malaria stratification.Alegana VA, Macharia PM, Muchiri S, Mumo E, Oyugi E, Kamau A, Chacky F, Thawer S, Molteni F, Rutazanna D, Maiteki-Sebuguzi C, Gonahasa S, Noor AM, Snow RW
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Model building and assessment of the impact of covariates for disease prevalence mapping in low-resource settings: to explain and to predict.Giorgi E, Fronterre C, Macharia PM, Alegana VA, Snow RW, Diggle PJ
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Malaria micro-stratification using routine surveillance data in Western Kenya.Alegana VA, Suiyanka L, Macharia PM, Ikahu-Muchangi G, Snow RW
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Routine data for malaria morbidity estimation in Africa: challenges and prospects.Alegana VA, Okiro EA, Snow RW
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Estimating hospital catchments from in-patient admission records: a spatial statistical approach applied to malaria.Alegana VA, Khazenzi C, Akech SO, Snow RW
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A spatial database of health facilities managed by the public health sector in sub Saharan Africa.Maina J, Ouma PO, Macharia PM, Alegana VA, Mitto B, Fall IS, Noor AM, Snow RW, Okiro EA
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Temporal trends in spatial inequalities of maternal and newborn health services among four east African countries, 1999-2015.Ruktanonchai CW, Nilsen K, Alegana VA, Bosco C, Ayiko R, Seven Kajeguka AC, Matthews Z, Tatem AJ
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National and sub-national variation in patterns of febrile case management in sub-Saharan Africa.Alegana VA, Maina J, Ouma PO, Macharia PM, Wright J, Atkinson PM, Okiro EA, Snow RW, Tatem AJ
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Geospatial mapping of access to timely essential surgery in sub-Saharan Africa.Juran S, Broer PN, Klug SJ, Snow RC, Okiro EA, Ouma PO, Snow RW, Tatem AJ, Meara JG, Alegana VA
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Access to emergency hospital care provided by the public sector in sub-Saharan Africa in 2015: a geocoded inventory and spatial analysis.Ouma PO, Maina J, Thuranira PN, Macharia PM, Alegana VA, English M, Okiro EA, Snow RW
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Malaria prevalence metrics in low- and middle-income countries: an assessment of precision in nationally-representative surveys.Alegana VA, Wright J, Bosco C, Okiro EA, Atkinson PM, Snow RW, Tatem AJ, Noor AM
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Modelling the incidence of Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Afghanistan 2006-2009.Alegana VA, Wright JA, Nahzat SM, Butt W, Sediqi AW, Habib N, Snow RW, Atkinson PM, Noor AM
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The changing risk of Plasmodium falciparum malaria infection in Africa: 2000-10: a spatial and temporal analysis of transmission intensity.Noor AM, Kinyoki DK, Mundia CW, Kabaria CW, Mutua JW, Alegana VA, Fall IS, Snow RW
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Estimation of malaria incidence in northern Namibia in 2009 using Bayesian conditional-autoregressive spatial-temporal models.Alegana VA, Atkinson PM, Wright JA, Kamwi R, Uusiku P, Katokele S, Snow RW, Noor AM
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The demographics of human and malaria movement and migration patterns in East Africa.Pindolia DK, Garcia AJ, Huang Z, Smith DL, Alegana VA, Noor AM, Snow RW, Tatem AJ
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Malaria control and the intensity of Plasmodium falciparum transmission in Namibia 1969-1992.Noor AM, Alegana VA, Kamwi RN, Hansford CF, Ntomwa B, Katokele S, Snow RW
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