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Examining the effectiveness of zinc treatment in children admitted with diarrhoea in Kenya's public hospitals: an observational comparative effectiveness study.Malla L, Perera-Salazar R, Akech S, Ogero M, Julius T, Irimu G, English M, CIN author group*
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Risk factors for death among children aged 5-14 years hospitalised with pneumonia: a retrospective cohort study in Kenya.Macpherson L, Ogero M, Akech S, Aluvaala J, Gathara D, Irimu G, English M, Agweyu A
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Assessment of Myocardial Function in Kenyan Children With Severe, Acute Malnutrition: The Cardiac Physiology in Malnutrition (CAPMAL) Study.Brent B, Obonyo N, Akech S, Shebbe M, Mpoya A, Mturi N, Berkley JA, Tulloh RMR, Maitland K
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Effect of enhancing audit and feedback on uptake of childhood pneumonia treatment policy in hospitals that are part of a clinical network: a cluster randomized trial.Ayieko P, Irimu G, Ogero M, Mwaniki P, Malla L, Julius T, Chepkirui M, Mbevi G, Oliwa J, Agweyu A, Akech S, Were F, English M, Clinical Information Network Authors
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Determining predictors of sepsis at triage among children under 5 years of age in resource-limited settings: A modified Delphi process.Fung JST, Akech S, Kissoon N, Wiens MO, English M, Ansermino JM
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Magnitude and pattern of improvement in processes of care for hospitalised children with diarrhoea and dehydration in Kenyan hospitals participating in a clinical network.Akech S, Ayieko P, Irimu G, Stepniewska K, English M, Clinical Information Network authors
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Tackling health professionals' strikes: an essential part of health system strengthening in Kenya.Irimu G, Ogero M, Mbevi G, Kariuki C, Gathara D, Akech S, Barasa E, Tsofa B, English M
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Risk factors for mortality and effect of correct fluid prescription in children with diarrhoea and dehydration without severe acute malnutrition admitted to Kenyan hospitals: an observational, association study.Akech S, Ayieko P, Gathara D, Agweyu A, Irimu G, Stepniewska K, English M, Clinical Information Network authors
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Prevalence, outcome and quality of care among children hospitalized with severe acute malnutrition in Kenyan hospitals: A multi-site observational study.Gachau S, Irimu G, Ayieko P, Akech S, Agweyu A, English M, Clinical Information Network Author Group
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Approaching quality improvement at scale: a learning health system approach in Kenya.Irimu G, Ogero M, Mbevi G, Agweyu A, Akech S, Julius T, Nyamai R, Githang'a D, Ayieko P, English M, Clinical Information Network Authors Group
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The Prevalence and Management of Dehydration amongst Neonatal Admissions to General Paediatric Wards in Kenya-A Clinical Audit.Akech S, Rotich B, Chepkirui M, Ayieko P, Irimu G, English M, Clinical Information Network authors
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Does audit and feedback improve the adoption of recommended practices? Evidence from a longitudinal observational study of an emerging clinical network in Kenya.Gachau S, Ayieko P, Gathara D, Mwaniki P, Ogero M, Akech S, Maina M, Agweyu A, Oliwa J, Oliwa J, Julius T, Malla L, Wafula J, Mbevi G, Irimu G, English M
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High Frequency of Blackwater Fever Among Children Presenting to Hospital With Severe Febrile Illnesses in Eastern Uganda.Olupot-Olupot P, Engoru C, Uyoga S, Muhindo R, Macharia A, Kiguli S, Opoka RO, Akech S, Ndila C, Nyeko R, Mtove G, Nteziyaremye J, Chebet M, George EC, Babiker AG, Gibb DM, Williams TN, Maitland K
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Inappropriate prescription of cough remedies among children hospitalised with respiratory illness over the period 2002-2015 in Kenya.Maina M, Akech S, Mwaniki P, Gachau S, Ogero M, Julius T, Ayieko P, Irimu G, English M
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Prevalence, aetiology, treatment and outcomes of shock in children admitted to Kenyan hospitals.Mbevi G, Ayieko P, Irimu G, Akech S, English M, Clinical Information Network authors
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Endotoxaemia is common in children with Plasmodium falciparum malaria.Olupot-Olupot P, Urban BC, Jemutai J, Nteziyaremye J, Fanjo HM, Karanja H, Karisa J, Ongodia P, Bwonyo P, Gitau EN, Talbert A, Akech S, Maitland K
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