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Study design and protocol for investigating social network patterns in rural and urban schools and households in a coastal setting in Kenya using wearable proximity sensors.Kiti MC, Melegaro A, Cattuto C, Nokes DJ
Wellcome Open Res, (2019). 4:84

Gametocyte carriage in an era of changing malaria epidemiology: A 19-year analysis of a malaria longitudinal cohort.Muthui MK, Mogeni P, Mwai K, Nyundo C, Macharia A, Williams TN, Nyangweso G, Wambua J, Mwanga D, Marsh K, Bejon P, Kapulu MC
Wellcome Open Res, (2019). 4:66

Agreement between ELISA and plaque reduction neutralisation assay in Detection of respiratory syncytial virus specific antibodies in a birth Cohort from Kilifi, coastal Kenya.Nyiro JU, Kiyuka PK, Mutunga MN, Sande CJ, Munywoki PK, Scott JAG, Nokes DJ
Wellcome Open Res, (2019). 4:33

Molecular characterization of rotavirus group A strains circulating prior to vaccine introduction in rural coastal Kenya, 2002-2013.Owor BE, Mwanga MJ, Njeru R, Mugo R, Ngama M, Otieno GP, Nokes DJ, Agoti CN
Wellcome Open Res, (2018). 3:150

Evaluation of the diagnostic accuracy and cost of different methods for the assessment of severe anaemia in hospitalised children in Eastern Uganda.Olupot-Olupot P, Prevatt N, Engoru C, Nteziyaremye J, Amorut D, Chebet M, Senyondo T, Ongodia P, Ndila CM, Williams TN, Maitland K
Wellcome Open Res, (2018). 3:130

Human rhinovirus spatial-temporal epidemiology in rural coastal Kenya, 2015-2016, observed through outpatient surveillance.Morobe JM, Nyiro JU, Brand S, Kamau E, Gicheru E, Eyase F, Otieno GP, Munywoki PK, Agoti CN, Nokes DJ
Wellcome Open Res, (2018). 3:128

Evaluating the performance of tools used to call minority variants from whole genome short-read data.Said Mohammed K, Kibinge N, Prins P, Agoti CN, Cotten M, Nokes DJ, Brand S, Githinji G
Wellcome Open Res, (2018). 3:21

Modifying Intestinal Integrity and Micro Biome in Severe Malnutrition with Legume-Based Feeds (MIMBLE 2.0): protocol for a phase II refined feed and intervention trial.Walsh K, Calder N, Olupot-Olupot P, Ssenyondo T, Okiror W, Okalebo CB, Muhindo R, Mpoya A, Holmes E, Marchesi J, Delamare de la Villenaise de Chenevarin G, Frost G, Maitland K
Wellcome Open Res, (2018). 3:95

Surveillance of respiratory viruses in the outpatient setting in rural coastal Kenya: baseline epidemiological observations.Nyiro JU, Munywoki P, Kamau E, Agoti C, Gichuki A, Etyang T, Otieno G, Nokes DJ
Wellcome Open Res, (2018). 3:89

Linking health facility data from young adults aged 18-24 years to longitudinal demographic data: Experience from The Kilifi Health and Demographic Surveillance System [version 1; referees: 1 approved, 1 approved with reservations].Nyundo C, Doyle AM, Walumbe D, Otiende M, Kinuthia M, Amadi D, Jibendi B, Mochamah G, Kihuha N, Williams TN, Ross DA, Bauni E
Wellcome Open Res, (2017). 2:

Variation in the effectiveness of insecticide treated nets against malaria and outdoor biting by vectors in Kilifi, Kenya.Kamau A, Mwangangi JM, Rono MK, Mogeni P, Omedo I, Midega J, Scott JAG, Bejon P
Wellcome Open Res, (2017). 2:22

Children's Oxygen Administration Strategies Trial (COAST): A randomised controlled trial of high flow versus oxygen versus control in African children with severe pneumonia.Maitland K, Kiguli S, Opoka RO, Olupot-Olupot P, Engoru C, Njuguna P, Bandika V, Mpoya A, Bush A, Williams TN, Grieve R, Sadique Z, Fraser J, Harrison D, Rowan K
Wellcome Open Res, (2017). 2:100

Supporting surveillance capacity for antimicrobial resistance: Laboratory capacity strengthening for drug resistant infections in low and middle income countries.Seale AC, Hutchison C, Fernandes S, Stoesser N, Kelly H, Lowe B, Turner P, Hanson K, Chandler CIR, Goodman C, Stabler RA, Scott JAG
Wellcome Open Res, (2017). 2:91

AMR Surveillance in low and middle-income settings - A roadmap for participation in the Global Antimicrobial Surveillance System (GLASS).Seale AC, Gordon NC, Islam J, Peacock SJ, Scott JAG
Wellcome Open Res, (2017). 2:92

A re-assessment of gene-tag classification approaches for describing var gene expression patterns during human Plasmodium falciparum malaria parasite infections.Githinji G, Bull PC
Wellcome Open Res, (2017). 2:86

Gastroenteritis Aggressive Versus Slow Treatment For Rehydration (GASTRO). A pilot rehydration study for severe dehydration: WHO plan C versus slower rehydration.Houston KA, Gibb JG, Mpoya A, Obonyo N, Olupot-Olupot P, Nakuya M, Evans JA, George EC, Gibb DM, Maitland K
Wellcome Open Res, (2017). 2:62

Micro-epidemiological structuring of Plasmodium falciparum parasite populations in regions with varying transmission intensities in Africa.Omedo I, Mogeni P, Bousema T, Rockett K, Amambua-Ngwa A, Oyier I, Stevenson CJ, Baidjoe AY, de Villiers EP, Fegan G, Ross A, Hubbart C, Jeffreys A, Williams TN, Kwiatkowski D, Bejon P
Wellcome Open Res, (2017). 2:10

Crude childhood vaccination coverage in West Africa: Trends and predictors of completeness.Kazungu JS, Adetifa IMO
Wellcome Open Res, (2017). 2:12

Quantification and determinants of the amount of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) shed using real time PCR data from a longitudinal household study.Wathuo M, Medley GF, Nokes DJ, Munywoki PK
Wellcome Open Res, (2016). 1:27