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A preliminary study of pneumonia etiology among hospitalized children in Kenya.Hammitt LL, Kazungu S, Morpeth SC, Gibson DG, Mvera B, Brent AJ, Mwarumba S, Onyango CO, Bett A, Akech DO, Murdoch DR, Nokes DJ, Scott JA
Clin Infect Dis, (2012). 54 Suppl 2:S190-9

The role of postmortem studies in pneumonia etiology research.Turner GD, Bunthi C, Wonodi CB, Morpeth SC, Molyneux CS, Zaki SR, Levine OS, Murdoch DR, Scott JA
Clin Infect Dis, (2012). 54 Suppl 2:S165-71

Procedures for collection of induced sputum specimens from children.Grant LR, Hammitt LL, Murdoch DR, O'Brien KL, Scott JA
Clin Infect Dis, (2012). 54 Suppl 2:S140-5

Specimen collection for the diagnosis of pediatric pneumonia.Hammitt LL, Murdoch DR, Scott JA, Driscoll A, Karron RA, Levine OS, O'Brien KL
Clin Infect Dis, (2012). 54 Suppl 2:S132-9

Evaluation of risk factors for severe pneumonia in children: the Pneumonia Etiology Research for Child Health study.Wonodi CB, Deloria-Knoll M, Feikin DR, DeLuca AN, Driscoll AJ, Moisi JC, Johnson HL, Murdoch DR, O'Brien KL, Levine OS, Scott JA
Clin Infect Dis, (2012). 54 Suppl 2:S124-31

Identification and selection of cases and controls in the Pneumonia Etiology Research for Child Health project.Deloria-Knoll M, Feikin DR, Scott JA, O'Brien KL, DeLuca AN, Driscoll AJ, Levine OS
Clin Infect Dis, (2012). 54 Suppl 2:S117-23

The definition of pneumonia, the assessment of severity, and clinical standardization in the Pneumonia Etiology Research for Child Health study.Scott JA, Wonodi C, Moisi JC, Deloria-Knoll M, DeLuca AN, Karron RA, Bhat N, Murdoch DR, Crawley J, Levine OS, O'Brien KL, Feikin DR
Clin Infect Dis, (2012). 54 Suppl 2:S109-16

A literature review and survey of childhood pneumonia etiology studies: 2000-2010.Gilani Z, Kwong YD, Levine OS, Deloria-Knoll M, Scott JA, O'Brien KL, Feikin DR
Clin Infect Dis, (2012). 54 Suppl 2:S102-8

Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine given shortly after birth stimulates effective antibody concentrations and primes immunological memory for sustained infant protection.Scott JA, Ojal J, Ashton L, Muhoro A, Burbidge P, Goldblatt D
Clin Infect Dis, (2011). 53:663-70

Association of serotype with risk of death due to pneumococcal pneumonia: a meta-analysis.Weinberger DM, Harboe ZB, Sanders EA, Ndiritu M, Klugman KP, Ruckinger S, Dagan R, Adegbola R, Cutts F, Johnson HL, O'Brien KL, Scott JA, Lipsitch M
Clin Infect Dis, (2010). 51:692-9

Incidence and severity of respiratory syncytial virus pneumonia in rural Kenyan children identified through hospital surveillance.Nokes DJ, Ngama M, Bett A, Abwao J, Munywoki P, English M, Scott JA, Cane PA, Medley GF
Clin Infect Dis, (2009). 49:1341-9

HIV infection, malnutrition, and invasive bacterial infection among children with severe malaria.Berkley JA, Bejon P, Mwangi T, Gwer S, Maitland K, Williams TN, Mohammed S, Osier F, Kinyanjui S, Fegan G, Lowe BS, English M, Peshu N, Marsh K, Newton CR
Clin Infect Dis, (2009). 49:336-43

Malaria as a cause of morbidity and mortality in children with homozygous sickle cell disease on the coast of Kenya.Komba AN, Makani J, Sadarangani M, Ajala-Agbo T, Berkley JA, Newton CR, Marsh K, Williams TN
Clin Infect Dis, (2009). 49:216-22

Enhanced diagnosis of pneumococcal meningitis with use of the Binax NOW immunochromatographic test of Streptococcus pneumoniae antigen: a multisite study.Moisi JC, Saha SK, Falade AG, Njanpop-Lafourcade BM, Oundo J, Zaidi AK, Afroj S, Bakare RA, Buss JK, Lasi R, Mueller J, Odekanmi AA, Sangare L, Scott JA, Knoll MD, Levine OS, Gessner BD
Clin Infect Dis, (2009). 48 Suppl 2:S49-56

Respiratory syncytial virus infection and disease in infants and young children observed from birth in Kilifi District, Kenya.Nokes DJ, Okiro EA, Ngama M, Ochola R, White LJ, Scott PD, English M, Cane PA, Medley GF
Clin Infect Dis, (2008). 46:50-7

The haptoglobin 2-2 genotype is associated with a reduced incidence of Plasmodium falciparum malaria in children on the coast of Kenya.Atkinson SH, Mwangi TW, Uyoga SM, Ogada E, Macharia AW, Marsh K, Prentice AM, Williams TN
Clin Infect Dis, (2007). 44:802-9

A polymorphism of intercellular adhesion molecule-1 is associated with a reduced incidence of nonmalarial febrile illness in Kenyan children.Jenkins NE, Mwangi TW, Kortok M, Marsh K, Craig AG, Williams TN
Clin Infect Dis, (2005). 41:1817-9

Diagnosis of pneumococcal pneumonia in epidemiological studies: evaluation in Kenyan adults of a serotype-specific urine latex agglutination assay.Scott JA, Hannington A, Marsh K, Hall AJ
Clin Infect Dis, (1999). 28:764-9

Serotype distribution and prevalence of resistance to benzylpenicillin in three representative populations of Streptococcus pneumoniae isolates from the coast of Kenya.Scott JA, Hall AJ, Hannington A, Edwards R, Mwarumba S, Lowe B, Griffiths D, Crook D, Marsh K
Clin Infect Dis, (1998). 27:1442-50