Oliwa J/J Glob Health
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Receive, Sustain, and Flow: A simple heuristic for facilitating the identification and treatment of critically ill patients during their hospital journeys.McKnight J, Willows TM, Oliwa J, Onyango O, Mkumbo E, Maiba J, Khalid K, Schell CO, Baker T, English M
J Glob Health, (2023). 13:4139

A systematic review of clinical, epidemiological and demographic predictors of tuberculosis in children with pneumonia.Kazi S, Corcoran H, Abo YN, Graham H, Oliwa J, Graham SM, ARIReview group
J Glob Health, (2022). 12:10010

An observational study of monitoring of vital signs in children admitted to Kenyan hospitals: an insight into the quality of nursing care?.Ogero M, Ayieko P, Makone B, Julius T, Malla L, Oliwa J, Irimu G, English M, Clinical Information Network author group
J Glob Health, (2018). 8:10409