Noor AM/Malar J
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Spatio-temporal analysis of Plasmodium falciparum prevalence to understand the past and chart the future of malaria control in Kenya.Macharia PM, Giorgi E, Noor AM, Waqo E, Kiptui R, Okiro EA, Snow RW
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Spatial models for the rational allocation of routinely distributed bed nets to public health facilities in Western Kenya.Macharia PM, Odera PA, Snow RW, Noor AM
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Completeness of malaria indicator data reporting via the District Health Information Software 2 in Kenya, 2011-2015.Githinji S, Oyando R, Malinga J, Ejersa W, Soti D, Rono J, Snow RW, Buff AM, Noor AM
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The past, present and future use of epidemiological intelligence to plan malaria vector control and parasite prevention in Uganda.Talisuna AO, Noor AM, Okui AP, Snow RW
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