Noor AM/Am J Trop Med Hyg
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Mapping malaria transmission intensity in Malawi, 2000-2010.Bennett A, Kazembe L, Mathanga DP, Kinyoki D, Ali D, Snow RW, Noor AM
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Use of rapid diagnostic tests in malaria school surveys in Kenya: does their under-performance matter for planning malaria control?.Gitonga CW, Kihara JH, Njenga SM, Awuondo K, Noor AM, Snow RW, Brooker SJ
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Malaria risk mapping for control in the republic of Sudan.Noor AM, ElMardi KA, Abdelgader TM, Patil AP, Amine AAA, Bakhiet S, Mukhtar MM, Snow RW
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Predicting the unmet need for biologically targeted coverage of insecticide-treated nets in Kenya.Noor AM, Alegana VA, Patil AP, Snow RW
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