Mumba N/Wellcome Open Res
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TRUE-1: Trial of Repurposed Unithiol for snakebite Envenoming phase 1 (safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in healthy Kenyan adults).Abouyannis M, FitzGerald R, Ngama M, Mwangudzah H, Nyambura YK, Ngome S, Riako D, Babu L, Lewa F, Else L, Dily Penchala S, Orindi B, Mumba N, Kalama B, Ndungu FM, Adetifa I, Khoo S, Lalloo DG, Casewell NR, Hamaluba M
Wellcome Open Res, (2022). 7:90

Always leave the audience wanting more: An entertaining approach to stimulate engagement with health research among publics in coastal Kenya through 'Magnet Theatre'.Sanga G, Jao I, Mumba N, Mwalukore S, Kamuya D, Davies A
Wellcome Open Res, (2021). 6:2

Evolution of a programme to engage school students with health research and science in Kenya.Davies A, Mwangome N, Yeri B, Mwango G, Mumba N, Marsh V, Kamuya D, Molyneux S, Kinyanjui S, Jones C
Wellcome Open Res, (2019). 4:39