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Evaluation of an audit and feedback intervention to reduce gentamicin prescription errors in newborn treatment (ReGENT) in neonatal inpatient care in Kenya: a controlled interrupted time series study protocol.Tuti T, Aluvaala J, Malla L, Irimu G, Mbevi G, Wainaina J, Mumelo L, Wairoto K, Mochache D, Hagel C, Maina M, English M, Clinical Information Network Group
Implement Sci, (2022). 17:32

Improving case detection of tuberculosis in hospitalised Kenyan children-employing the behaviour change wheel to aid intervention design and implementation.Oliwa JN, Nzinga J, Masini E, van Hensbroek MB, Jones C, English M, Van't Hoog A
Implement Sci, (2020). 15:102

Effect of enhancing audit and feedback on uptake of childhood pneumonia treatment policy in hospitals that are part of a clinical network: a cluster randomized trial.Ayieko P, Irimu G, Ogero M, Mwaniki P, Malla L, Julius T, Chepkirui M, Mbevi G, Oliwa J, Agweyu A, Akech S, Were F, English M, Clinical Information Network Authors
Implement Sci, (2019). 14:20

A systematic review of electronic audit and feedback: intervention effectiveness and use of behaviour change theory.Tuti T, Nzinga J, Njoroge M, Brown B, Peek N, English M, Paton C, van der Veer SN
Implement Sci, (2017). 12:61

Exploring sources of variability in adherence to guidelines across hospitals in low-income settings: a multi-level analysis of a cross-sectional survey of 22 hospitals.Gathara D, English M, van Hensbroek MB, Todd J, Allen E
Implement Sci, (2015). 10:60

Designing a theory-informed, contextually appropriate intervention strategy to improve delivery of paediatric services in Kenyan hospitals.English M
Implement Sci, (2013). 8:39

Explaining the effects of a multifaceted intervention to improve inpatient care in rural Kenyan hospitals--interpretation based on retrospective examination of data from participant observation, quantitative and qualitative studies.English M, Nzinga J, Mbindyo P, Ayieko P, Irimu G, Mbaabu L
Implement Sci, (2011). 6:124

Implementation experience during an eighteen month intervention to improve paediatric and newborn care in Kenyan district hospitals.Nzinga J, Ntoburi S, Wagai J, Mbindyo P, Mbaabu L, Migiro S, Wamae A, Irimu G, English M
Implement Sci, (2009). 4:45

Documenting the experiences of health workers expected to implement guidelines during an intervention study in Kenyan hospitals.Nzinga J, Mbindyo P, Mbaabu L, Warira A, English M
Implement Sci, (2009). 4:44

Contextual influences on health worker motivation in district hospitals in Kenya.Mbindyo P, Gilson L, Blaauw D, English M
Implement Sci, (2009). 4:43

An intervention to improve paediatric and newborn care in Kenyan district hospitals: understanding the context.English M, Ntoburi S, Wagai J, Mbindyo P, Opiyo N, Ayieko P, Opondo C, Migiro S, Wamae A, Irimu G
Implement Sci, (2009). 4:42