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Evaluating the effectiveness of the National Health Insurance Fund in providing financial protection to households with hypertension and diabetes patients in Kenya.Oyando R, Were V, Koros H, Mugo R, Kamano J, Etyang A, Murphy A, Hanson K, Perel P, Barasa E
Int J Equity Health, (2023). 22:107

Health system responsiveness: a systematic evidence mapping review of the global literature.Khan G, Kagwanja N, Whyle E, Gilson L, Molyneux S, Schaay N, Tsofa B, Barasa E, Olivier J
Int J Equity Health, (2021). 20:112

Tracking health sector priority setting processes and outcomes for human resources for health, five-years after political devolution: a county-level case study in Kenya.Munywoki J, Kagwanja N, Chuma J, Nzinga J, Barasa E, Tsofa B
Int J Equity Health, (2020). 19:165

Examining user fee reductions in public primary healthcare facilities in Kenya, 1997-2012: effects on the use and content of antenatal care.Dennis ML, Benova L, Goodman C, Barasa E, Abuya T, Campbell OMR
Int J Equity Health, (2020). 19:35

Prolonged health worker strikes in Kenya- perspectives and experiences of frontline health managers and local communities in Kilifi County.Waithaka D, Kagwanja N, Nzinga J, Tsofa B, Leli H, Mataza C, Nyaguara A, Bejon P, Gilson L, Barasa E, Molyneux S
Int J Equity Health, (2020). 19:23

Examining purchasing reforms towards universal health coverage by the National Hospital Insurance Fund in Kenya.Mbau R, Kabia E, Honda A, Hanson K, Barasa E
Int J Equity Health, (2020). 19:19

"We are called the et cetera": experiences of the poor with health financing reforms that target them in Kenya.Kabia E, Mbau R, Oyando R, Oduor C, Bigogo G, Khagayi S, Barasa E
Int J Equity Health, (2019). 18:98

How do gender and disability influence the ability of the poor to benefit from pro-poor health financing policies in Kenya? An intersectional analysis.Kabia E, Mbau R, Muraya KW, Morgan R, Molyneux S, Barasa E
Int J Equity Health, (2018). 17:149