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The autonomy of public health facilities in decentralised contexts: insights from applying a complexity lens in Kenya.Barasa E, Nyawira L, Musiega A, Kairu A, Orangi S, Tsofa B
BMJ Glob Health, (2022). 7:

Improving facility-based care: eliciting tacit knowledge to advance intervention design.English M, Nzinga J, Oliwa J, Maina M, Oluoch D, Barasa E, Irimu G, Muinga N, Vincent C, McKnight J
BMJ Glob Health, (2022). 7:

Epidemiological impact and cost-effectiveness analysis of COVID-19 vaccination in Kenya.Orangi S, Ojal J, Brand SP, Orlendo C, Kairu A, Aziza R, Ogero M, Agweyu A, Warimwe GM, Uyoga S, Otieno E, Ochola-Oyier LI, Agoti CN, Kasera K, Amoth P, Mwangangi M, Aman R, Ng'ang'a W, Adetifa IM, Scott JAG, Bejon P, Keeling MJ, Flasche S, Nokes DJ, Barasa E
BMJ Glob Health, (2022). 7:

Impact of free maternity policies in Kenya: an interrupted time-series analysis.Orangi S, Kairu A, Malla L, Ondera J, Mbuthia B, Ravishankar N, Barasa E
BMJ Glob Health, (2021). 6:

A bibliometric analysis of COVID-19 research in Africa.Guleid FH, Oyando R, Kabia E, Mumbi A, Akech S, Barasa E
BMJ Glob Health, (2021). 6:

Examining the level and inequality in health insurance coverage in 36 sub-Saharan African countries.Barasa E, Kazungu J, Nguhiu P, Ravishankar N
BMJ Glob Health, (2021). 6:

Examining unit costs for COVID-19 case management in Kenya.Barasa E, Kairu A, Ng'ang'a W, Maritim M, Were V, Akech S, Mwangangi M
BMJ Glob Health, (2021). 6:

Cost-effectiveness of community health systems strengthening: quality improvement interventions at community level to realise maternal and child health gains in Kenya.Kumar MB, Madan JJ, Auguste P, Taegtmeyer M, Otiso L, Ochieng CB, Muturi N, Mgamb E, Barasa E
BMJ Glob Health, (2021). 6:e002452

Effective coverage and budget implications of skill-mix change to improve neonatal nursing care: an explorative simulation study in Kenya.Tsiachristas A, Gathara D, Aluvaala J, Chege T, Barasa E, English M
BMJ Glob Health, (2019). 4:e001817

Is quality affordable for community health systems? Costs of integrating quality improvement into close-to-community health programmes in five low-income and middle-income countries.Kumar MB, Madan JJ, Achieng MM, Limato R, Ndima S, Kea AZ, Chikaphupha KR, Barasa E, Taegtmeyer M
BMJ Glob Health, (2019). 4:e001390

Tackling health professionals' strikes: an essential part of health system strengthening in Kenya.Irimu G, Ogero M, Mbevi G, Kariuki C, Gathara D, Akech S, Barasa E, Tsofa B, English M
BMJ Glob Health, (2018). 3:e001136

Accountability mechanisms and the value of relationships: experiences of front-line managers at subnational level in Kenya and South Africa.Nxumalo N, Gilson L, Goudge J, Tsofa B, Cleary S, Barasa E, Molyneux S
BMJ Glob Health, (2018). 3:e000842

Measuring progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 3.8 on universal health coverage in Kenya.Barasa E, Nguhiu P, McIntyre D
BMJ Glob Health, (2018). 3:e000904

Everyday resilience in district health systems: emerging insights from the front lines in Kenya and South Africa.Gilson L, Barasa E, Nxumalo N, Cleary S, Goudge J, Molyneux S, Tsofa B, Lehmann U
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