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Genetic and potential antigenic evolution of influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 viruses circulating in Kenya during 2009-2018 influenza seasons.Owuor DC, de Laurent ZR, Nyawanda BO, Emukule GO, Kondor R, Barnes JR, Nokes DJ, Agoti CN, Chaves SS
Sci Rep, (2023). 13:22342

Phylogenomic analysis uncovers a 9-year variation of Uganda influenza type-A strains from the WHO-recommended vaccines and other Africa strains.Nabakooza G, Owuor DC, de Laurent ZR, Galiwango R, Owor N, Kayiwa JT, Jjingo D, Agoti CN, Nokes DJ, Kateete DP, Kitayimbwa JM, Frost SDW, Lutwama JJ
Sci Rep, (2023). 13:5516

Identification of missed viruses by metagenomic sequencing of clinical respiratory samples from Kenya.Phan MVT, Agoti CN, Munywoki PK, Otieno GP, Ngama M, Kellam P, Cotten M, Nokes DJ
Sci Rep, (2022). 12:202

Integrating epidemiological and genetic data with different sampling intensities into a dynamic model of respiratory syncytial virus transmission.Kombe IK, Agoti CN, Munywoki PK, Baguelin M, Nokes DJ, Medley GF
Sci Rep, (2021). 11:1463

Evolution of respiratory syncytial virus genotype BA in Kilifi, Kenya, 15 years on.Kamau E, Otieno JR, Lewa CS, Mwema A, Murunga N, Nokes DJ, Agoti CN
Sci Rep, (2020). 10:21176

Genomic analysis of respiratory syncytial virus infections in households and utility in inferring who infects the infant.Agoti CN, Phan MVT, Munywoki PK, Githinji G, Medley GF, Cane PA, Kellam P, Cotten M, Nokes DJ
Sci Rep, (2019). 9:10076