Vector Biology

Malaria vector biology

We conduct vector surveillance of larval habitats and adult mosquito abundance in key locations within the county, and have analysed these findings in relation to the occurrence of clinical malaria cases.  Our long term goal is to develop, evaluate and promote the delivery of malaria vector control interventions and complementary methodological tools that are affordable and effective in African settings.
Specific Studies
In order to achieve these goals, we pursue three main research directions: 1) fundamental ecological and experimental studies of malaria vectors and larval dynamics; 2) improvement of cost-effective tools for controlling, monitoring and understanding malaria transmission dynamics, and Public health systems research to enable the effective and sustainable delivery of new and existing vector control tools to afflicted communities. We also conduct studies of the transmissibility of malaria from field samples to mosquitoes in preparation for trials of transmission blocking vaccines.

Investigators : Investigators: Melissa Kapulu, Charles Mbogo, Janet Midega, Philip Bejon