The advent of next generation sequencing (NGS) platforms have opened exciting new avenues to life science researchers. To support application of NGS at the program, the KWTRP РBioinformatics Core (KBiC) aims to provide researchers at KWTRP and other users with data analysis and management services, and computational resources.  As further important commitment, the core will periodically organize courses and workshops in order to train biologists on the implementation of the main bioinformatics tools in their research.
Services include:
– Consultation on bioinformatics methods and resources.
– Software evaluation, implementation, and training.
– Customization of bioinformatics resources.
– High-throughput data analysis of genomics, transcriptomics and metagenomics datasets.
– Identification of functional genomics elements, such as genes and regulatory sequences, through comparative genomics approaches.
– Development of bioinformatics scripts and more advanced pipelines to automate sequence analyses and genome annotation tasks.

Investigators : Investigators: Etienne de Villiers, Charles Nyaigoti, George Githinji, Vandana Thathy