Health Systems Research

Well-functioning health systems are essential to the delivery of a diverse range of current and future health interventions. Health systems research at the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust aims to improve the quality, efficiency and accessibility of health care. Our work is based on a broad definition of health systems, including public and private, formal and informal, and ‘traditional’ and ‘modern’ health services. We are interested in the range of actors involved in health systems, including policy-makers, health providers and managers, service users and other community members. We also have a particular interest in understanding the challenges of research within low-income settings and the contribution of research to health policy and practice. Our health systems work can be broadly categorised into four inter-related themes:

– We have researchers from many backgrounds including clinical medicine, pharmacy, nursing, health informatics, economics, public health, ethics, social behavioural science, geography, and anthropology.
– Our researchers are based in Nairobi and Kilifi, but work all over Kenya and other parts of Africa.
– We contribute to policy and practice through sharing our research findings in local, national, and international level committees and meetings.
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Investigators : Investigators: Jane Chuma, Mike English, Grace Irimu, Caroline Jones, Dorcas Kamuya, Doris Kirigia, Vicki Marsh, Sassy Molyneux, Benjamin Tsofa