High throughput pathogen sequencing and predictive models underpin the modern approach to understanding community spread and optimal control of infectious diseases. In this field, despite high disease burden, low income countries have been left behind.
GeMVi aims to reduce this deficit in East Africa, combining strengths of University of Warwick, KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme (Kenya) and other East African Institutes. GeMVi will engage health authorities and institutes, identify priority questions and link output to policy; fund 20 high calibre Research Fellows on locally relevant projects; transfer sequencing technologies, share bioinformatic methods and develop modelling capacity; generate new understanding through predictive modelling and virus sequence data.
GeMVi is looking to recruit East African Research Fellows to undertake short term public health oriented projects of relevance to the East African setting. The fellowships will present an excellent opportunity for the Fellows to enhance their skills and work with leading experts in the fields of pathogen sequencing, bioinformatics, predictive modelling and health economics. There will be 3 rounds of recruitment, the first call goes out from 25th January and is for 5 awards. Second and third call will occur later in this year and in 2020.

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Investigators : James Nokes, Matt Keeling, Sam Kinyanjui, Etienne De Villiers