Cellular Immunology

Our interests are in unraveling host immune responses to infectious diseases common to the tropics, largely malaria and HIV infections as well as the impact of malnutrition on immune responses.  The identification of immune correlates to protection would prove invaluable in the development of protective vaccines.
In malaria we have been investigating the mechanism of generating and sustaining T and B cell malaria specific responses in areas of declining Plasmodium falciparum transmission and understanding factors associated with the generation of durable and protective antibody responses.
In HIV, our focus has been on understanding B cell biology in HIV infection and exposure, specifically describing phenotypes, function and potential mechanism by which viral antigens affect this compartment. In high-risk seronegative adults, we are investigating their potential to generate HIV specific memory T and B cell responses.   We are also investigating the impact of HIV and ART exposure on the development of immune responses in uninfected infants born to HIV infected mothers.
In malnutrition, we are interested in trying to understand how the effect of long term exposure to under-nutrition affects the ability to build effective memory to help fight secondary infections as well as develop long term protective immune responses.

Investigators : Investigators: Francis Ndungu, Eunice Nduati, Yaw Bediako, Daniel Muema, Evelyn Gitau