Care seeking for pneumonia

Childhood pneumonia is one of the leading causes of death in children under 5 in Kenya and throughout the world. Many children with severe pneumonia do not receive the treatment they require and some of those who do, get it when it is too late. With timely and appropriate treatment, many pneumonia deaths in children can be averted.

This project aims to understand the factors along the pathway to seeking and receiving treatment that influence the outcome of pneumonia in children in rural outpatient primary health facilities in Kilifi and Siaya. We will explore, through qualitative methods, the individual, social and cultural factors that influence care-givers’ decisions to initiate treatment and seek care for children with respiratory symptoms. We will also conduct surveys in dispensaries and health centres to describe the performance of health workers in implementing pneumonia treatment guidelines. Finally, we will conduct a cohort study to determine the proportion of children with pneumonia treated at outpatient primary health facilities who fail to improve after receiving appropriate treatment.

The goal of the study is to find out which determinants of poor treatment outcomes can be modified in-order to find ways to improve access to timely and effective treatment.



Investigators : Juliet O.Awori (PI),  Anthony Scott, Sassy Molyneux, Tom Williams, Jennifer Verani, Godfrey Bigogo, Mary Kaniu, Angela Karani , Paul Ouma,  Rachel Nyamai, Jane Crawley, Michelle Naisae