Blood Transfusion

Blood transfusion in Africa places recipients at high risk for post-discharge morbidity and mortality, but there are gaps in our knowledge of how transfusion affects patient survival.   Better information about blood provision could lead to improved transfusion strategies in the African setting, and higher rates of patient survival.

Very little information is available about the need for and use of blood in sub-Saharan Africa, or the challenges faced by blood transfusion services. Sub-Saharan Africa faces significant resource limitations in blood collection, processing and supply, yet there is no data on how supply chain deficiencies, prevalent asymptomatic infections, or red blood cell genetics of African donors influence the quality of blood. How these factors influence the survival of anaemic African children is also undetermined.


Our lab, clinical and observational studies will result in more effective management of this limited resource, improve patient survival post-transfusion, and reduce the need for re-transfusion and consequent shortages.

Investigators : Sophie Uyoga, Charles Kamau, Eva Mwangome, Maureen Njue, Alexander Macharia,, Melissa Kapulu, George Warimwe, Cheryl Andisi, Thomas Williams, Kathryn Maitland