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Jay is a consultant paediatrician and sub-specialist in paediatric infectious diseases and immunology based at the KEMRI Centre for Geographic Medicine Research – Coast and Wellcome Trust Research Programme in Kilifi, Kenya. Jay leads a research group focusing on infection and inflammation in childhood malnutrition, and on perinatal health. Jay joined the KEMRI/Wellcome Trust Collaborative Research Programme in Kilifi, Kenya in 1997. He undertook a Wellcome Trust Research Training Fellowship on invasive bacterial infections and their relationships with malaria, HIV and malnutrition. After completing specialist training in paediatrics and sub-specialist training in paediatric clinical immunology and infectious diseases in the UK, Jay returned to Kilifi. His current Wellcome Trust Intermediate Clinical Research Fellowship is on tackling infection and inflammation to prevent mortality in malnourished children. Jay is involved in the Kenyan national training programme on integrated management of severe acute malnutrition and is an expert adviser to the Ministries of Health and the World Health Organisation.


Alun is currently working on several research and engagement projects with colleagues in Kilifi and Nairobi: A comparison between sexual and reproductive health education programmes with implementation experiences and needs of students, teachers and school stakeholders with Nancy Mwangome; The up-scaling of on-line engagement between researchers and schools in Nairobi and Kilifi with Steve Adala and Grace Mwango; Initiating Young Persons Advisory Groups in Kilifi with Nancy Mwangome; Evaluating on-line engagement; and using a participatory action research approach to develop and implement a primary school engagement programme with Shadrack Baraka.

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