Towards Universal Health Coverage in Kenya: Are We on The Right Path?

The attainment of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) has become a policy priority at both global and national levels. At the global level, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) underscore the importance of health and wellbeing for all. In Kenya, the government has installed Universal Health Coverage as a key pillar of its “Big 4 Agenda”. However, although UHC remains a policy priority, it is still marred in misconstruction. In most cases, UHC is often reduced to health financing, while in principle the concept goes beyond health financing. The World Health Organization (WHO) conceives UHC  as an embodiment of three main objectives; equity in access to health services, access to quality health services, and protection from financial risk.

Researchers at KEMRI-Wellcome conducted a research to develop a summary measure of UHC for Kenya. The research tracks Kenya’s progress towards UHC between 2003 and 2014. This work involved the analysis of three waves of the Kenya household expenditure and utilization survey, and the Kenya demographic and health survey. The key findings from this research are set out in this brief, as well as recommendations to support policy makers in designing a body of UHC policy.

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Policy Brief – Towards Universal Health Coverage in Kenya: Are We on The Right Path?

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This is brief is adapted from a research paper published under the title, “Measuring Progress towards Development Goal 3.8 on universal health coverage in Kenya.”