Results from the Nairobi newborn studies

The Nairobi newborn study provides a detailed landscape of the care being provided for small and sick newborns across Nairobi City County, highlighting important gaps in provision, access, and quality of care for this vulnerable population. Such findings and approaches to service evaluation will be crucial in order for governments to prioritise and plan service improvements to achieve a reduction in neonatal mortality.

The study accessed 1183 patient records from a total of 31 health facilities spanning from public, private and faith based facilities. Thirty three (4 public, 6 mission, and 23 private) facilities providing 24/7 inpatient care in Nairobi City County were identified; 31 were included in this study. Just five facilities accounted for 84% (10,300/12,202) of all annual admissions; the public sector accounted for 71% of admissions in just four facilities. Half of these facilities (15/31), had fewer than 50 annual admissions. Speaking in Nairobi on Monday and Tuesday, Dr Georgina Murphy and team who led the studies from KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme shared these results and morewhich will posted on our website once published before end of this year.