Radio program review meeting

We hosted the 3rd quarterly review meeting for the ongoing ‘Jukwaa la Utafiti’ radio program that airs on Baraka FM every Thursday from 7.00pm – 9.00pm. The quarterly review meetings are part of our monitoring and evaluation tools for the radio program that draws studio guests for that quarter, listeners representing 6 Baraka FM fan clubs and Baraka FM production team. The participants share experiences and ideas on how to improve the radio program and this feedback is key in informing decisions in our next quarters.
The radio program is part of the Public Engagement strategy for the programme whose main objective is to stimulate dialogue on health research and health issues targeting males and females of between 18-45 years along the Coastal region.
Tune in every Thursday on 95.5 and 99.3 Baraka FM to be part of the conversation!