Professor Bob Snow elected AAS Fellow

Prof Bob Snow Bob has been elected as a Fellow of the African Academy of Sciences (The AAS). This is after a rigorous evaluation and reviews following nominations earlier this year. The AAS Fellowship recruitment follows a rigorous evaluation by the AAS Membership Advisory Committees (MACs) in various fields of specialization.

Professor Snow is a world renowned malariologist who has made enormous contributions to the field, especially in continuously challenging the assumptions about what we know about the burden of malaria in developing countries. He has been foremost in not just putting a number to the death and destruction that malaria causes, but in linking these to the broader policy and planning issues in developing countries and the role of stakeholders in mitigating the myriad issues from a very practical and comprehensive perspective.

“When he embarked on malaria research in Kenya more than 25 years ago, malaria was a major health problem not only in Kenya but in most sub-Saharan African countries. There were challenges with local research capacity, research infrastructure, policies on malaria treatment and prevention, health infrastructure, service delivery, accurate and timely information on malaria epidemiology, and translation of research results into policy and practice. Because of these challenges, mortality from malaria was very high among children and pregnant women. Professor Bob Snow’s research in malaria in sub-Saharan Africa have been major contributors to improving outcomes on malaria treatment and control. I am delighted that the Academy has honoured Professor Snow by admitting him as a Fellow” Says Professor Gilbert Kokwaro the Director, Institute of Healthcare Management, Strathmore Business School.

What distinguishes Professor Snow from many, is his passion for linking the science with practice. Professor Snow started from where he is based in Kenya by working directly with the Kenya national malaria control program in translating the science and knowledge into everyday policy relevant discussions and actionable recommendations, many of which were adopted by the Kenyan NMCP. This soon grew from him to a group of other scientists working with him doing policy and strategy relevant implementation research in support of the Kenyan NMCP at a time that globally many scientists were grappling with the issue of knowledge-to-policy translation in Africa. The Snow model has been very successful and has since gone global to produce highly knowledgeable and practical scientists under his tutelage, many of who have gone on to launch successful scientific and public health practice careers worldwide.

Bob is both humbled and delighted at having received the recognition “I have been privileged to have worked on malaria for 34 years in Africa, most of which has been with the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Programme, and alongside some incredible Kenyan scientists. This honour is one that should be shared by the programme and colleagues, including the two close friends and alumni of the Programme, Professors Gilbert Kokwaro and Abdisalan Mohamed Noor, who kindly nominated me for the AAS fellowship

Bob is set to receive his Certificate of Fellowship at the next General Assembly Meeting (GA) set to take place from 10th to 11th December 2018 in Pretoria, South Africa.