One of the most prestigious prizes in Africa awarded to Dr Faith Osier

This year’s Royal Society Pfizer Prize Award 2014 goes to our young researcher, Dr Faith Osier. This award is considered one of the most prestigious prizes and recognizes Faiths valuable and innovative contribution to the biological sciences in Africa.

Additional News of Dr. Faith Osier

July, 2014: New Malaria Vaccine Candidates Identified
Dr Osier and her research team at the KEMRI Wellcome Trust Programme on July 30, 2014, published a paper in Science Translational Medicine: Osier, F et al. 2014 New antigens for a multi-component blood-stage malaria vaccine. The paper identifies new proteins from the malaria parasite that may be effective when used in combination in a malaria vaccine. Inclusion of these proteins may contribute to the development of highly effective malaria vaccines.

May, 2014: Dr. Faith Osier Wins 5th Annual Merle A. Sande Health Leadership Award
Accordia Global Health Foundation is pleased to award Dr. Faith Osier with the prestigious 2014 Merle A. Sande Health Leadership Award.  The award, created in 2010 in memory of Dr. Merle Sande, a founder of Accordia and renowned infectious disease specialist, recognizes the efforts of emerging African healthcare leaders who have contributed significant improvements to the health of their home communities and embody Dr. Sande’s passion, intellectual drive, and spirit. Accordia Global Health Foundation will present the award to Dr. Osier in October 2014, at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda.

March, 2014: Dr. Faith Osier awarded the first Promising Young African Scientist Award
The European Virtual Institute of Malaria Research sought to recognize a mid-career, scientifically independent researcher in the field of malaria. EVIMalar is a joint research network of excellence, funded by the European Commission.  The award was presented to Dr. Faith Osier at a special one day symposium celebrating 10 years of BioMalPar/EviMalar in Heidelberg, Germany, where she presented an overview of her work, future directions and aspirations.