KWTRP and Pwani University Launches a Joint Postgraduate Diploma in Research Methods

As part of our collaboration with Pwani University in building capacity for research we have jointly launched a new course designated Postgraduate Diploma in Research Methods. This course is modeled on the highly successful KWTRP internship scheme that it now replaces.  As with the previous internship scheme, the course aims to provide young graduates with an opportunity to undertake high quality research training within a highly active research setting. It is envisaged that the Diploma will serve as a prelude to Masters and PhD training and also generate a pool of people with an interest in pursuing a research career in KWTRP, PU and other research institutions. In addition to benefiting the “interns” through a certificate from a nationally accredited academic institution, the course will raise the training and research profiles of PU and KWTRP.

For further information please visit our website:- Job- Funded Postgraduate Diplomas