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Julie Jemutai is a Health Economist in the Health Economics Research Unit (HERU) within the Health Systems and Research Ethics department. Her research interests are in economic evaluation, efficiency measurement, statistical modelling and data science in healthcare. She leads a multi-site economic evaluation study alongside a clinical trial (FLACSAM) of antibiotic treatments in children with severe malnutrition in Kenya and Uganda. Julie is also the analysis lead for socio-economic, caregiver and household data in an observational cohort study (CHAIN) of acutely-ill children in 9 sites in Africa and Asia. She joined the programme in 2009 with key focus on statistical analysis and health economics modelling. Julie has a background in Economics and Mathematics (Kabarak University, Kenya) and a PhD in health economics (The Open University, UK). Her PhD research focused on efficiency measurement in Kenyan hospitals using frontier analysis approaches. Her key collaborators are based at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), University of York in the UK and Trinity College, University of Dublin in Ireland.


  • Costing analysis of severe malnutrition in Kenya and Uganda from the patients’ and health provider’s perspectives (FLACSAM and CHAIN)
  • Economic evaluation of antibiotic treatments in children with severe malnutrition (FLACSAM)
  • Costing analysis of breastfeeding peer supporters interventions in inpatient-care in Kenya (SIBs Study)
  • Technical efficiency of county health systems in Kenya (KES Study)
  • Health economics working package for REfugees in Africa ClusTer (REACT) study
  • Economic evaluation of care models for children with developmental disorders (SPARK)

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