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Dr. Charles Agoti

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Dr Charles Agoti holds a BSc degree (Chemistry and Biochemistry), an MSc in Molecular Biology of Infectious Diseases and a PhD in Bioinformatics. He joined the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Kilifi in 2006 and his primary research focus has been transmission epidemiology of respiratory and enteric viral infections in coastal Kenya. He is involved in large-scale sequencing and bioinformatic analysis of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), rhinoviruses, rotavirus and a range of arboviruses to illuminate on local evolutionary and transmission patterns to suggest new ways of infection control. Dr Agoti is currently supported by the IDeAL (Initiave to Develop African Research Leaders) programme (under Mid-Career Research Fellowship) to study Viral Diarrhoea Genomics Pre- and Post-Rotavirus Vaccination in Kenya to Understand Virus Source, Transmission Patterns and Vaccine Impact.


Charles is currently involved in 4 key projects

(i) studying the transmission pathways of respiratory virus diseases (SPReD) in Kenya and Africa

(ii) viral diarrhoea genomics pre- and post-rotavirus vaccination in Kenya to understand virus source, transmission patterns and vaccine impact,

(iii) stool extracts archiving project (SEAP) and

(iv) transmission patterns of arboviruses in coastal Kenya.

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