Dr. Amek Nyaguara


Dr. Amek Nyaguara

Head of Surveillance

Research group:


Amek studied mathematics (BSc.) at the University of Nairobi, Kenya, Biostatistics (MSc.) at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and obtained his PhD in Epidemiology from Swiss TPH, University of Basel, Switzerland. His PhD focused on developing data-driven Bayesian geostatistical models for zero inflated data and application of these models in malaria epidemiology. Amek has over 10 years’ experience in longitudinal health and demographic system (HDSS). He joined KEMRI/CDC HDSS in 2005 as the head of data section and upon completion of his PhD in 2012, Amek was appointed as the deputy branch chief of the KEMRI/CDC HDSS. He has been a technical advisor to theHoma Bay county civil registration and vital statistics improvement project, funded by CDC since 2013. Amek joined the Programme in 2016 as Head of Surveillance. In addition to his management role, Amek is interested in carrying out research on effect of space-time variation on health outcomes, effect of socioeconomic status on health outcomes and utilization health care services, use of verbal autopsy as a tool for determining causes of death, for deaths that occur at the community.


Sophie’s current work focuses on two areas; i. The role of red blood cell genetic disorders in relation to infectious diseases in East Africa ii. The mechanisms behind the development and treatment of severe anemia

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